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How To Buy The Best Guitar Looper According To Your Requirements

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A loop pedal, or looper pedal, is an electronic device that creates instant recordings of musical performance and plays those recordings back in real-time, allowing a musician to begin overdubbing themselves, creating a vast, polyphonic soundscape based on their performances in the room. In other words, it plays the same musical signal over and over again until specified not to.

The guitar looper will generally have a clear user interface where the guitarist has access to a footswitch, including the looper timing and even frequency adjustment knobs, which allows a guitarist to activate the looper effect in real-time and control all of the timing parameters surrounding its operation.

Before buying a looper pedal, here are some things you must keep in mind:

  • The value and your budget, as to how much you wish to spend on looper pedals.
  • If you want to take a simple and low profile looper or you wish one with all the bells and whistles and various features. 
  • Whether you need multiple loops or MIDI sync to match your looper with other time-based pedals.
  • If it’s for the live performance you might need to be more uphill and complicated so that you don’t have to bend down and change settings with your hands.
  • The size matters, maybe because of the place you wish to play your pedal and how portable you need it to be. Either you are fine with getting a bigger sized one with more features, or you are just peacefully satisfied with a small one with maybe less features.

With a wide range of loop pedals with varied price tags, it isn’t easy to choose the best guitar looper that will suit your needs. There are various models from expensive to cheap and your decision on how much you decide to venture with your expenses any further. 

There are various features of a guitar looper pedal, and you must decide what features suit your needs the most.

The requirement for the looper:

Since looper pedals have several applications, you must know what you are going to use them for. The pedals come with varied features and capabilities, and here, when you require them for your guitar, you can find very simple and inexpensive pedals that will get you going. 

When the requirement is for more than one loop pedal, you will need to invest in a more complex model covering all of these requirements. When you decide what you will use a looper pedal for is definitely among the first things you need. 

For the instrument:

A looper pedal is a great instrument to enhance the quality of your music. Looper pedals can be used in combination with microphones and even MIDI controllers, depending on the application you have in mind. For a guitar, there is an abundance of models to choose from. 

Length of the loop:

Looper pedals should be able to record segments of composition and repeat them. The length of the recording you get will depend on the model of the pedal and its ability to expand its memory. The basic pedals consist of a recording length in stone. The pristine will eat up more memory on the pedal. The best guitar loop pedal allows more memory expansion where it becomes easy to enjoy hours of long loops.

Home or live:

There is a difference between using a looper for a live performance or using it for recreational purposes. Live performance requires a more simple layout that is easy to use on the fly and easy to find in dimly lit venues. However, for home and yourself, you can use a looper pedal in the form of a simple stompbox which will probably yield the best results, which can be as big as you want.