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How to Gain Visibility on Your Website to Boost Growth

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How can you gain visibility for your company so that you can reach your potential clients? What are the keys to increasing the visibility of your website? Making your website more visible is not an easy task amid an environment marked by increasing competition. Therefore, only if you learn to distinguish yourself and seriously work on our online visibility, can you achieve a sufficient level of traffic to achieve results. Read on to find out what visibility is on the Internet entails, how to boost your business’ visibility on the Internet, and what strategies you can implement to achieve results.  

Work on all fronts

Companies can define visibility in many ways. But generally, there are qualitative and quantitative aspects to visibility on the Internet.

  • Qualitative: that a famous media outlet talks about you or an influential blogger quotes you without you buying a review from them.
  • Quantitative: your marketing efforts generate traffic through various channels (SEO, content marketing, social networks, etc.).

Usually the first can lead to the second, but to achieve the first you have to implement strategies that help you achieve it. It’s not going to be free for you to talk about yourself. You have to be doing something important and attract attention. In this sense, the mistake that most companies usually make is that they do not pay attention to the quantitative aspects. That is, we do not think long-term, nor about organic traffic, but rather we focus on direct sales actions or paid advertising. Although these can be useful ways to increase web visibility, the truth is that in the long term it creates a dependency on your resources and the tools you are using. That makes your visibility sensitive to any changes in these tools. For example, if you only do off-page SEO actions and it turns out that Google makes a change that ends up affecting you, your website rating will be affected because you have been performing actions only in one direction and your sales depend on those.

It is recommended, therefore, that companies are aware that it is not enough to engage in a single action, but that they must focus on different areas. For example, it is very helpful to generate content for a blog, but all this must be framed within a visibility strategy that helps to achieve results. An SEO agency will be able to offer you greater opportunities to succeed. 

Sell, sell, sell

Exceptional content copy is going to drive your business forward. Whether it’s content on your website, or content to place on other sites, you must ensure it is keyword-friendly. What sense does it make to start trying to position your page in Google, when the text of your website is not well worked out? You have to clearly explain what you are selling, and there has to be a clear and defined call-to-action that directs the content consumer to engage in the behaviour that you want them to, such as signing up for an email newsletter.


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