Manage your wellbeing with fitness after pregnancy termination

How to take care of yourself during the recovery after abortion?

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The key to recovery immediately after having a medical termination is to follow all the instructions without failing to follow all the instructions related to abortion care. Women those who usually prefer termination with Abortion Pills online can use a number of prescribed pregnancy termination pills which can help them to expel the fetus the body.

Following things can help you understand the quick recover due to the abortion procedure:

After effects

After administrating the Abortion Pills women start to experience the symptoms as well as the side effects of the Abortion Pills. These pills cause hormonal changes and these results in the contraction of the uterine lining. This process further causes bleeding and cramping. Other than this there are some of the side effects which you can experience like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Abortion and sexual intercourse

To make sure that no recovery is being hindered women need to avoid indulging in sexual activity. After having abortion vagina becomes sensitive and due which there are lots of chances of infection been caused to the reproductive organ. Hence, after having an abortion, it is suggested that women need to avoid sexual intercourse for at least 14-20 days of having an abortion.

Physical activities

Due to chances of vulnerability to the vagina, most of the women are prescribed to strictly avoid indulging in sexual activity. Women are suggested that they do not perform any of the activities which add pressure on your lower abdomen which leads to heavy bleeding. Adding pressure on your vagina can again weaken your recovery process.


After having abortion one of the important things which matters the most is food. The diet that you have should not include lots of fats. Pregnancy termination medicines can result in side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, etc. and hence you are suggesting that you do intake light food and consume food which is rich in fluids.

Smoking and drinking

There are many of the things which you need to avoid while going through the abortion process. Many of the women are addicted to smoking and drinking and hence it is necessary to avoid the complications you do avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking. The tobacco and alcohol interact with the elements present in the Abortion Pill and this affects the efficiency of the pills. Also, there are chances that this pill can result in heavy bleeding due to interaction with Abortion Pills and hence for at least 14-20 days you are suggesting that you do avoid the consuming alcohol and smoking.


There are lots of women who need to deal with the recovery process and sometimes the emotions of the women do affect the abortion recovery. There are certain cases wherein women do go under depression due to external pressure from society.

Following tips can help you to recover after abortion:
  • Watch your favorite movie
  • Read a book
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Speak with your partner
  • Engage yourself in the activities
  • Do simple yoga.


The process of medical termination takes 2 weeks to get completed. Depending upon the gestation period and the medicine you use your body reacts. Now only following the above-mentioned instruction, but also there are some other instructions which can help you recover after having an abortion. Following the instructions only help you to recover smoothly as well as early.

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