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Improving Your Kids Playroom as They Get Older

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You love your kids, but you don’t love the mess they make, and this is why you gave them their own playroom. The playroom may have been good for the first couple of years, but now it is starting to look a bit grubby and ready for a refresh, and as your kids are getting older, there is a need and necessity to make it more suitable to how they live now, how they play and spend their free time. So, what big changes should you make – if any? And where should you start to make improvements?


Start with an Overhaul

Over the years, your kids have amassed a large variety of toys, and now you find that some are broken, some are no longer relevant, and some are just languishing in a pile. To get the playroom looking at its best, you need to get rid of the clutter and get on top of the piles of toys. There is no point holding onto toys that are no longer of use or relevance to your kids. Sort out what toys you have, what you want to keep, throw out and sell. When you declutter and reorganize the playroom, you give your kids the space and freedom they need. Ideally, try and declutter when your kids are at school or out of the house or else you will find the space quickly gets just as messy and cluttered as before.


Have Spaces to Sit and Play

As kids get older, the type of games they play changes too. Once they would sit down and draw and color, and now they want to sit and play their games. To adapt to this change you must get rid of the table and chairs you have and create an entirely new seating area, one this is filled with a big bean bag chair or sofa and one than can be enjoyed by all ages, for inspiration you could click here, or you look at blogs and see what other parents have down to adapt their seating within their playrooms for their growing kids.


Create Divisions

If you have more than one child, you will already know that not all of your kids will be interested in the same things, and it would be foolish to create a playroom that suits just one’s needs and requirements. So, with this in mind, you should focus on creating divisions. Divide up your existing space into several spaces if needed to ensure that all of your kids get what they need to from their playroom.


Get the Kids Involved

You don’t need to do everything yourself anymore, especially now that your kids are getting older. Keep this in mind and get your kids involved as and when you can. Let them help you pick new furniture, let them choose the colors you use, and let them try their hand at painting and redecorating (if you feel brave enough). It is their room, after all, so give them a sense of ownership, responsibility, and pride; they need this as they are growing and developing.

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