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10 Jewellery Pieces Bollywood Divas Stunned Us With & We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

They say Jewellery is a woman’s best friend. They are right!! Give us one stunning piece of jewelry and we will be the happiest person on Earth. Like all the other fashion articles, jewelry has become very contemporary these days. There are new styles, types, and material which are very contour and chic. 

In addition to contemporary pieces, a lot of traditional pieces of jewelry are also making a comeback. A few of them include tribal jewelry, silver tribal jewellery, and Indian tribal jewellery. However, you can wear all these exotic pieces with a contemporary twist! 

Indian Tribal jewelry makes the ideal accessories if you are a wedding guest. Tribal jewelry can be worn by brides, and silver tribal jewelry can be your to-go option if you are looking to pull off fusion on a certain day. 

No matter what’s your style, no matter the occasion, there is always this one piece of jewelry which is just perfect. 

But the sheer styles and options available make it impossible to decide what to buy. Once in an online or offline store, you are sure to lose your way amidst the plethora of jewelry that are on display!!! In situations like this, you might miss a guide. 

During moments of fashion confusion, the only way to turn towards is Bollywood! All you need to do is run a search on the newest trends being flaunted by the Divas, and bamm! You have your inspiration. 

But you don’t have time to make your research once in the store! You need something quick, and thus we are here!

Today, we will be talking about 10 divas who have taken the jewelry game to the next level! So without much ado, let’s check them out!

 The Attractive Anushka Sharma:

Her style of acting and her choice in jewelry are both impeccable. Anushka Sharma is one of the Divas in B-town who knows how to keep it royal without that undesired bling. In that light, she dresses in a lot of pearls, sleek chains, and silver tribal jewelry. You will never see this Diva going out of the way to look attractive. Her natural style and classy taste in jewelry do that effortlessly. One of the most breathtaking pieces of jewelry in her collection is a layered neckpiece, from the Heritage collection of Sabyasachi! Need we say that the piece is worth dying for? 

The Sindilating Sonam:

It is no secret that Sonam Kapoor is the most stylish Diva in Bollywood. The woman just knows how to dress, and carry her looks. Though the rest of the B-town queens might be offended, there is denying the fact that Sonam is the ultimate style inspiration. Honestly, it takes courage to try out diverse looks and Sonam does that. Thus, if you are looking for tribal jewelry, Sonam HAS to be your inspiration. Her statement Pearl necklace is ravishing. 

The Killer-Cat Kareena:

Junk jewelry has become quite popular over the years. They are fun to wear, and if you are looking for something unique, check out Kareena’s statement silver tribal jewelry. 

The Ravishing Ranaut:

It’s practically impossible to pull off an Indian look without Indian tribal jewellery. Plus, the Indian look can become very gaudy if you are picking out the wrong pieces of jewelry. So opt for a simple statement piece like Kangna Ranaut and kill it with that Indian sweetness. 

The Dazzling Deepika:

While talking about a style icon and a fine actress its impossible to miss out Deepika. This Diva has not only experimented with diverse jewelry, but also diverse characters. From MeenaLochani in Chennai Express to Piku in Piku, this amazing actress has come a long way. Additionally, she has also brought in some variation with jewelry, Only Deepika can pull off a multi-layered peal neckless with ease!

The Sensual Sonakshi:

Talking about tribal jewelry, you need to take a look at Sokanshi Sinhas’s golden tribal collection if you are on the lookout for something sleek yet hot. 

The Marvellous Malaika:

Malaika Arora has always been a style icon. She can literally pull off any style with ease and grace. Indeed, she was the first Bollywood Diva who was daring enough to try new looks and different types of jewelry. So if you are planning on doing something a little out of the box, Malaika is your celebrity inspiration. Be it for a brunch look, or an evening of romance, Malaika has created amazing styles for you to get inspired by. 

Sizzling Shilpa:

There is just one word to describe Shilpa- Oomph! This diva is aging like fine wine. Talking about bold and smart looks, Shilpa has brought in different fashion and accessory statement. Generally, Shilpa’s looks are very classy, with just the right amount of color, texture, and bling. She usually completes her look with one statement piece of jewelry, like a heavy stone-work layered neckpiece. 

The Gorgeous Genelia:

Though this actress is very bubbly and peppy, she chooses to embrace a more traditional style. So, if you want to glam yourself in gorgeous Indian colors and attire, then the Kundan jewelry carried so well by Genelia can be your inspiration. 

The Dreamy Dhupia:

Poise, grace, and elegance are the three components that Neha Dhupia proudly embraces. The actress likes to keep her jewelry simple, but if the look so demands, she does not step back from flaunting beautiful Indian tribal jewelry with utmost confidence. 

If teamed with the right attire, jewelry can be a fashion game-changer. Get inspired by these 10 top Bollywood divas who bring the best to the table. 

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