Is A Portable Mesh Nebulizer Worth For Asthma Patients?

Is A Portable Mesh Nebulizer Worth For Asthma Patients?

Are you someone who has asthma? Cannot take a breath in? Is the inhaler not working in the right manner? This is where a portable mesh nebulizer comes to the rescue.

Those of you who are now aware of the term “mesh nebulizer” are a device used by patients who have asthma or any other breathing problem. The nebulizer sends the medicine to the lungs straight away. However, you may be wondering why it is better to get hold of the best nebulizer and use it? Well, professionals say that oral medicines consumed by patients take much time to reach the lungs. It goes all the way from your gastrointestinal tract, then makes way to the bloodstream and reaches to the lungs. This procedure takes about thirty minutes, whereas a nebulizer takes about five minutes. This is one primary reason why using a nebulizer is your safest bet. It is correctly said, “Nebulizers work like an instant meal for the oxygen-hungry lungs!”

Who can use a nebulizer?

When it comes to using a nebulizer, most of them are still confused. Hence, to bring you at ease, a nebulizer is an optional asthma treatment for patients suffering from asthma or breathing issues. People who cannot use inhalers, like infants, young children, and elders, can use this device for some relief. The medicine that reaches the lungs because of the nebulizer treats acute conditions and prevents respiratory problems from turning into a serious one. What does a nebulizer do other than treating asthma?

Nebulizing is one of the most efficient and fastest methods used to deliver medications to the lungs. Hence, this makes it perfect for treating respiratory problems, and sinusitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchitis, emphysema, allergies are no exception. This method of dispensing medicines with a nebulizer’s help is also excellent if you want to dissolve the substances that play a huge role in blocking the airways.

How does a nebulizer work?

As mentioned above, a nebulizer is used by patients suffering from breathing problems. This device is an electric atomizer. It dispensed the medication as a fine spray, and due to this the medicine reaches to the lungs then and there. It is a small air compressor that changes the medication into an air mist, which can be quickly taken in through the mouth. For those of you who take high doses of medicine, the nebulizer is very convenient. This will keep you away from future problems and also keep you at ease.

In times of an emergency, a nebulizer is better because it is easy to use. In addition to this, the medicine reaches the lungs in no time than oral medication that takes about half an hour. While you are using a nebulizer, all you have to do is sit in one place and breathe in, and you will be at ease then and there.

However, let your doctor decide between a nebulizer and an inhaler!

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