Know These Interesting Facts About Washing Machines Before Shopping

Know These Interesting Facts About Washing Machines Before Shopping

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So you’re thinking about buying a washing machine, but are feeling a little unprepared because although it is something you cannot live without, you really do not know much about washing machines per se. 

How are you supposed to get the best washing machine under 15,000 INR, or the best washing machine at any price, if you feel so lost on the subject, right? Well, we have a tub-full of easy-to-understand facts about washing machines that can help you feel more knowledgeable and confident. We’ve thrown in a few fun facts too, just for good measure. 

In fact, let’s start with a fun fact! Did you know that the first ever washing machine was invented as a birthday present for the inventor’s wife? That’s right, William Blackstone invented the washing machine to truly make his wife’s life better on her birthday. Studies as recent as five years ago indicate that 90% of laundry is, till this day, done by women. 

Front-loading versus top-loading: Both types allow for the same level of wash efficiency, as in your clothes will come out just as clean. However, if you have trouble bending, a top-loading washing machine will be more convenient and if you have trouble lifting, then a front-loading washing machine might be more advisable. 

Front-loading washing machines are however seen to be better in their drying capabilities and their detergent usage. However, given that we live in a sunny country you might have to decide whether these are factors that you are concerned about. Remember that you’re most likely not going to find front-loading washing machines in the best washing machines under 15,000 INR category, as they are usually more expensive. 

Fun fact: Many historians and scholars who have studied the course of history, have claimed that washing machines played a role in the women’s rights movements. The time saved on breaking one’s back scrubbing clothes by hand, gave women time to enter the workforce or to equip themselves with skills so that they could eventually enter the workforce. 

Lazy load versus loaded load: You’ve probably been told by a parent or a well-meaning neighbour, visitor or host to never completely fill your washing machine up with clothes. However, most washing machines come equipped to deal with this, although you must ensure you do not overload or stuff your machine. Provided the clothes are not being compressed in order to fit, you’re good to go. The best washing machines in the market come with automatic sensors that will alert users in case of an overload. 

Fun fact: Washing machines as we know them now were invented in the early 1900s. But a more primitive version of them existed back in the late 1700s; this was an enclosed tub of sorts that people spun by hand.

Maintenance: Washing machine connectors, inlets and outlets do need to be checked frequently. Connectors can get loose and inlets get blocked; their pipes get leaky and grimy. Besides that, things like coins, buttons, buckles and rhinestones can fall out of clothes and block outlet pipes or get stuck in crevices of the tub. When browsing the best washing machine under 15000, keep your eyes open for words like check-up or maintenance or servicing. If you’re getting free maintenance and/or servicing and especially at no extra cost, take it. The best washing machines stay the best because they are given proper care. 

Fun fact: All those lost socks, especially the tiny ones we wear inside our sneakers today, are probably stuck somewhere in your outlet mechanism. 


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