LMS for Schools

LMS for Schools – 7 Benefits to Education System

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Lately, four-walled classrooms have been replaced by computer screens and tabs. Although, Learning Management Systems for schools have been in talks even before the pandemic had struck. LMS for schools became the need of an hour after the COVID-19 pandemic. Major educational institutes across the globe have shifted to e-learning platforms. 

Benefits of LMS for Schools

Besides the need, technological development, and more use of digital materials and requirements of the learners, the traditional classroom-based approach becomes an inefficient learning method. Space below will help in telling how Learning Management Systems for schools benefits the entire education system.

#1 Benefit – Organising Learning Content at One Place

The Learning Management System has helped organise learning material digitally. With the evolution of LMS for schools, students are not required to store the eLearning material in different hard drives or other disk storage devices. All the study material including notes, assignments, important topics and more are stored in a cloud-based service associated with LMS. Further helping in easy access to study material irrespective of the system from which one logs in the LMS. This makes LMS one of the most sensible fit for online learning/ distance learning.

#2 Benefit – Helps in tracking learners progress and performance

The Learning Management System provides an ability to gauge the learner’s progress. LMS ensures that a student is able to meet the performance milestones. LMS has predefined targets to be achieved by the learner. After completion of each milestone, the management system updates the progress. Most common features of an LMS for schools include individual reports of the student. Teachers can help each student individually by checking the progress report and arranging remedial classes for the same. Additionally, teachers can make modifications to the teaching methods depending upon the progress and performance

#3 Benefit – Reduces Cost and Time of Learning and Development

LMS benefits in reducing the overall cost incurred for imparting education as well as learning. The Learning Management System helps in learning from anywhere, thus, reduces the travel costs, training site rentals, printed learning material, and more. Additionally, learners can save on the development budget incurred on printing, or purchasing books as all the content is stored in a cloud-based service.

Apart from the cost, LMS helps in reducing the overall time devoted to imparting education. Students can cut short the time they need to travel. Also, learners get all the information in one place directly in an organised manner. With the ease of the schedule, learners can study at any time without the hassles of travelling and having a defined schedule to study. 

#4 Benefit – Increased engagement and students’ collaboration

Introverts or students having difficulty in studies tend to ask less of their doubts in the traditional method of studies. Using the Learning Management System in schools has increased student engagement in the classroom. More students tend to collaborate in a virtual mode instead of the real classrooms. Students do not fear to express their thoughts while sitting away from peers. To facilitate the engagement of the students, LMS has various features such as chat, forum, social community, and more. Apart from the learners, teachers are able to help students using one to one interaction using the LMS.

#5 Benefit – Parental Access 

Learning Management Systems has not only facilitated teachers and learners but the parents/ guardians of learners as well. Parents can access their child’s’ calendar, timetable, assessment schedule and more. Parental access has evolved as the new PTM mode. Parents/Guardians can engage with their child’s learning and progress reports. One of the beneficial features includes direct communication with both children’s and other teachers.

#6 Benefit – Transparency in Feedback

LMS in the education system helps in providing transparent feedback to the students. Teachers can provide an in-depth analysis of the tasks performed by the students using the Learning Management System. Apart from feedback to the learners, teachers can also provide feedback to the parents. All the feedback provided by the teachers is stored to gauge the progress of the student. Additionally, students can check the feedback from time to time and improvise to perform better in future tasks.

#7 Benefit – Learn Anytime, Anywhere 

Web-based Learning Management System helps to access learning and educating from anywhere. This allows teachers and students to log in using any device outside the classroom and review the previous records, provide/submit assignments, or execute other tasks such as attending the class. Alternatively, if students wish to access LMS to get help for the homework, they can get the same anytime and use the resources saved using cloud services. 

Accessing LMS anywhere and anytime helps students to learn with their pace. Slow learners can also understand the concepts by accessing the recorded classes as per their convenience. Irrespective of the device such as mobile, laptop or tablet, students and teachers access the LMS and perform requisite tasks.

All in All

Having an LMS for schools will surely help in improving education and get the progression to the next level. Therefore all schools must shift towards digital classes ditching the four-walled classes.