Medical School Mock Interview

Tips on How to perform your best in the Medical School Mock Interview

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If you think that good grades are enough to get you through medical school admissions, then you might be wrong. There is a whole lot of process that you need to go through before they finally say yes to your application.


So here is a list of helpful tips that can help you ace Medical School Mock interviews:


Proper attire:

When they say that the first impression is the last, they mean it. Getting ready in a nice suit can be quite important because you want the interviewers to take you seriously. First impressions matter because your clothing choice can often be a narrative of your ambition and goals. 

Gather relevant information:

Prepare for your interview. The further you read, the smarter and more equipped you become. It helps you prepare for any question that the interviewer can put up. So there are three categories that you must focus on:


Medical Field

It will help if you read famous blogs related to the medical field that will probably be directly relevant to your interview process. Bioethics, new research and technologies, policies and lifestyle of a doctor. If it’s not possible to spend time with actual doctors, then you can read their biographies and get to know them in a more personal way.


Current affairs

The medical field is evolving. CNN, New York Times or even Google News can help you gather information about doctors and different fields of medicine.


Books and essays

One must inculcate a good habit of reading; you never know the source of your questions. The book doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the medical field. You must love what you read, and that is all that matters. 

Practise mock interviews:

You can take the help of friends, doctors, professors, or anyone else you trust to help you do a mock interview. Before you step in for the first interview, try to do at least two three mock interviews that should be as close as the real interview. Talk confidently about yourself; it’s one of the things that people are most scared to do. 

Research the most common interviews questions:

Check out the list of the most common interview questions asked and try to get most of the answers correct. The most common questions asked are linked to the candidate’s personality, which commonly sums down to why you want to be a doctor, why you want to attend a specific school, and why you would make a good doctor. In addition, you can check Princestonreviews for a detailed questionnaire about medical admission. 

Care for yourself:

The hype can make anybody anxious, but this shouldn’t affect your representation. You need to be mentally awake to represent the best of your ability and skills. So take enough rest, schedule your travel and prepare yourself mentally and physically.


Medical admissions are not just about Med School Mock Interviews. They judge your overall personality and your seriousness towards your goals. Med School consultants prepare you for MMI or traditional interviews and guide you through your whole interview journey to make your admission process easier and more flexible for you.