surrogate mothers

Most respectable women in Ukraine are called surrogate mothers

Introduction about surrogacy:

In Ukraine, surrogacy is completely legal, as, in Ukraine, it can be continued without any restrictions. Surrogate mothers give birth to babies of those couples who are unable to grow their families. Thus surrogate mother as leihmutter ukraine is said to be respectable women. In the process of surrogacy, these women give birth to the child, the father of the baby will contribute the sperm, and the women who are the baby’s biological mother will be the egg donor. The women who will give birth to the child would not have any genetic relationship with that child.

Women as a surrogate mother:

Many women choose surrogacy to solve their financial issues as it seems to be an utterly effortless method. Plus, these surrogate mothers in Ukraine make infertile couples happy by giving birth to their children. 

It is proven that any woman who has already given birth to her child can be a surrogate mother. Research of reproductive clinics says that only 20% of women applied to be a surrogate mother in Ukraine.

The first step towards surrogacy:

When any couple decides to choose surrogacy, their first step is to select the right reproductive clinic. It would be best to search for each and everything related to the reproductive clinic you are choosing. You can get information about that clinic by visiting their official website. That website will have different details, social networks, and customer reviews too. It is essential to check that the same person writes reviews on that website; if yes, it’s the reason to prick up your ears.

Not only this, you should talk to the clinic manager to do some questioning, check that you are getting complete answers or not? What is the behavior of a manager? And the essential thing is always to make sure that the reproductive clinic offers you to meet the leihmütter – surrogate mother.

Conditions to be a surrogate mother in Ukraine?

Choosing a surrogate mother is the second hardest thing as it requires being very serious about it. There are many tests the surrogate mother should go through before she carries the child in her womb. Here is the list of conditions of being a surrogate mother in Ukraine:

  • The women should give birth to at least one healthy child.
  • The baby should be born naturally.
  • The mother should be free from any sexually transmitted disease so the baby will be healthy.
  • The mother should not be having any habit of taking drugs, alcohol, or nicotine.
  • There shouldn’t be any pathologies nor mental and neither somatic.
  • She should pass through all physiological tests, which will declare that she is eligible to be a surrogate mother or not?

Those things which are restricted in surrogacy?

There are many things restricted in surrogacy, and these things are good and bad both. The reproductive clinic will monitor everything. All the restrictions are listed below:

  • If a surrogate mother in Ukraine is married, she should have the permission of her husband.
  • What is the whole surrogacy program’s cost that will only be revealed for the baby’s parents, and the surrogate mother will only know what she is getting?
  • Some parents want to meet with the women who will give birth to their baby, but some only want their baby; they don’t want to get in touch with their mother.

Surrogacy is believed to be the only method for those couples who face difficulty in reproduction. In Ukraine, women choose to be a surrogate mother as it is one of the rights and easiest ways to solve their financial issues. But it’s not easy to be a surrogate mother. Only 20% of the women who want to be a surrogate mother in Ukraine. These women went through many medical tests and showed complete conditions, then any surrogacy process starts. 


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