New to Scrapbooking? Check This Guide For Quick Tips.

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Scrapbooking has become a very popular hobby nowadays. A favorite all-time hobby of many, people use scrapbooks to tell their stories in a creative way. In fact, people also resort to the art of scrapbooking to relieve stress. You can make a scrapbook of memories or make a chronical scrapbook that tells the history of their family. If all your friends are into some form of art activity, and you want to try something out as well, scrapbooking is your answer! It is okay if you are not the artistic type. You don’t have to be one to make a killer scrapbook. Just follow these simple rules and you will be good to go.

  1.  Get some adhesives

After all, arts and crafts are incomplete without something sticky and gluey. For scrapbooks, you will require special adhesives such as liquid glue pens, foam dots, photo tape, and more. Just one thing, while purchasing glue, make sure it is photo-safe and acid-free.

  1.       Some sheet protectors and albums

Your list of scrapbook supplies is incomplete without these two items. As a scrapbooking beginner, you should go for a 12 x 12-inch album. With this size, you can use several photos and still have extra room for other scrapbooking items.

Coming to your sheet protectors, make sure to pick materials including Mylar, polyethylene, or polypropylene. Page protectors of any other materials will damage your pages and fade your images as time passes.

  1.       Get your choppers ready

Again, can any craftwork be complete without using cutting tools? For scrapbooks, you will especially require a pair of scissors with large and small straight edges. If you have the budget, you can also purchase paper trimmers, shape cutters, and even decorative scissors. If you are looking for advanced scrapbooking tools, you can also purchase a digital die-cut machine.

Wondering what are die cuts?

They are cut paper shapes that you can add to your pages. Sold in packages, these are usually premade.

  1.       Miscellaneous

Papers, pens, photos, and punches, your scrapbook for friends or family will remain incomplete without these essentials. Additionally, you can also purchase some stickers, templates, punches, and stamps to beautify your little craft hobby. 

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