Pizza Kits - Good or Bad

Pizza Kits – Good or Bad?

Let’s try to imagine the following situation: you are at the supermarket and walking among the fridge counters, a desire for pizza suddenly catches you. Therefore, your attention is drawn to a packaged Italian pasta & pizza kit put on display next to the ready puff pastry. 

It is a fresh pizza base ready to be cooked, and everything seems wonderful until you read the label and find a string of incomprehensible names immediately after the words flour, water, salt. 

So, there are two ways. First, you don’t give it any weight, take the base home and then season and cook it in your own oven. Second, get scared and dedicate yourself to the homemade preparation of the dough. 

Don’t ask me what’s better: I’d be biased, even if extremely objective. But since we don’t like to be too purist from time to time, we put ourselves in the shoes of a person who has no desire and time to knead, and we evaluate the ready-made Italian pizza kits.

Advantages Of Pizza Kits

The refrigerated pizza kits obviously do not have a great fragrance profile. This is because they contain rapeseed and palm oils and preservatives to slow down the dough’s enzymatic activities. Beyond personal beliefs regarding added ingredients, don’t expect a super pizza out of the oven anyway. You can enhance it by carefully choosing the ingredients, and thanks to the quality of the toppings, you will be able to improve your pizza. Purchasing pizza kits online or from a store is closely linked to the lack of time and the need to prepare a lunch or dinner in less than 30 minutes without having to sauté or follow cooking times.

In the supermarkets’ fridge counters, there are often pizza kits in rectangular or round shape with a weight of around 400 grams. The package includes them rolled upon themselves with a sheet of parchment paper in the middle. Nothing simpler as to use: you open the package, spread the base on the pan, season it and bake it in a hot oven at a temperature of about 220-230 ° C. Apart from pasta and pizza, you can also try Spaghetti kit with Tomato Pasta Sauce on the stores. 

Differences Between Readymade Bases And Homemade Dough

The fresh doughs are the result of a few ingredients and have pre-established times of use. You can extend the usage duration using the refrigerator. The net result of a well-made dough is that a good pizza, light, and fragrant.

In addition to these characteristics, the ready kits have a higher number of ingredients in the recipe and enzyme correctors. These added ingredients keep the yeast and the natural maturation processes of the pizza in stand by so that it remains usable for a longer duration. Sometimes, the flavor of these doughs is quite flat and that you can enhance by proper seasonings. 


In my personal opinion, fresh bases can only be considered in borderline cases, and if you really don’t want to use a frozen pizza or call the pizzeria for home delivery. For the rest, as always, our advice is to get your hands on the Italian pasta & pizza kits and prepare an excellent homemade pizza.

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