Finishing Services

The Processes Involved in Finishing Services

Finishing services are the final stages of the packaging process to make sure that the outcome is perfect—both on the completed project and customer service standpoints. 

In short, finishing services are applied to print folding carton packaging materials after completing the printing process. Included in the service are laminating or embossing, stripping, cutting, folding, and gluing. 

Die Cutting

This process involves the cutting of the packaging. Let’s say your package is hexagonal. You need a cutting machine that is formed to cut your packaging into a hexagonal shape. If you want clean cuts, with sharp lines and consistent edges, die-cutting is the best process. The die is the one used to cut and shape the packaging. Die is a piece of metal used in cutting a shape from a material, like a paperboard. In short, this process is cutting using a die. This will reduce the wastage of excess material to a minimum. 

Folding, Stripping, and Cutting

These parts of finishing services is quite easy to explain, and include the most part of the services in completing the project. The paperboard used in packaging is folded, stripped, and then cut on the desired shape. With the present technology, it enables you to work fast and complete the final services. It enables you to offer a quick lead time with an efficient and rapid production process among the fastest in the industry. 


Gluing is an essential part of the finishing services. It will hold your box together and keep it stick well to avoid any issues. Most of the manufacturers use odorless and water-based glue to make sure it sticks to the most rigorous standards in food-contact and sustainability packaging. 


Manufacturers finish your product packaging with lamination. It is a process that will bond plastic film to a printed paperboard. This will not just greatly improve the look of the packaging. It will, likewise, provide protection. It depends on the kind of lamination you have chosen for your folding carton packaging. 

The main function of the transparent film is to protect the packaging from wear and tear and in the event of spillage. It maintains the colors and helps to differentiate your brand from your competitors on display. If you want to know which type of lamination is best for your product, it is best to learn more about the different types of lamination.


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