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10 Quick Tips to Fix your Plumbing Leaks

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If you find yourself confronted by a plumbing leak of some kind there is a good chance you will be wanting to contact one of the many available home maintenance companies, in particular, plumbing service in Dubai. However, with certain plumbing faults, you may be able to fix the issue, or at the very least prevent it from getting any worse until a plumbing service arrives at your house. With this in mind, we will be taking a look at some quick tips when it comes to fixing your plumbing leaks.

  1. Check you have the tools and the know-how!

Yes, you can save both time and money if you are able to fix a leak yourself, but only undertake the job in hand if you are confident in what you are doing, otherwise, you can make it so much worse. The exact same principle applies to tools-make sure you have the right tools for the task otherwise you may damage something important.

  1. Always Turn Off the Water Supply

Again, very important. You need to locate your stopcock and either switch off your water supply or turn off the water valve to the pipe that is part of the issue. A tool, such as a flat-head screwdriver may be required to turn the water valve.

  1. Turn on Taps that Lead from the Pipe

To avoid a complete mess of water on your floor you need to drain all the water from the pipe. You can tell when the water has been drained as it will stop flowing from the pipes. Even when this has happened to take a towel to the leaking pipe to completely dry it off and then place the towel under the leaking pipe on the floor to catch any potential water residual.

  1. Determine What Kind of Leak you have

Leaks come in all different shapes and sizes and the type of leak will result in needing a certain type of action. Sometimes a leak can be down to something quite basic like a loose joint, the fix here would just be to tighten the joint. Other times you may need to replace the whole leaking pipe with one of the exact same kind.

  1. Keep an eye out for Chain Reactions!

Sometimes if one pipe is leaking this can trigger a reaction in another pipe. There could even be another pipe where it is already leaking so do not assume that just because you have identified one source of the problem there is not another issue in your piping. So be through is the key thing here.

  1. Consider Additional Products to Help Manage Leak

For example, experts often recommend Epoxy or find another high-quality equivalent. Epoxy can be applied over the pipes leaky area helping to suppress the leaking. You may need to purchase a certain tool, or of course more pipe length or replacement pipe.

  1. Keep in Mind it Maybe a Temporary Fix Only

It is great if you have managed to stop any leaking pipes from leaking, but a more permanent solution may be required for the long-term, and this is where you may want to consider contacting a professional service. If there are any parts of the job you are unable to complete yourself such as replacing a damaged section of pipe, it may be the time to call in a professional. Home maintenance companies can at least save you the hassle of measuring and buying the correct amount of new pipe, too.

  1. Know Your Budget

When it comes to plumbing repairs the cost of the fix can vary greatly. Sometimes you may just need to tighten a pipe, therefore costing you nothing assuming you already have a spanner handy if required! Other times you may need to replace pipe or purchase other equipment or materials for your fixes. Therefore, it is a good idea to calculate your costs and prepare fo purchase what is needed within your budget ASAP.

  1. Keep Your Tools Handy

If a pipe is leaking, then you need to get it sorted straight away! And sometimes it is the simple things that delay us. To this point, make sure you keep your toolbox that contains every single tool you could need for a leaky pipe somewhere you can easily get to quickly and don’t lose it, you’ll be wasting valuable time which could result in extra damage!

  1. Don’t Turn the Water On too Quick!

One last tip, do not rush to turn your water back on too quickly. Whilst everything could appear to be fixed up and fine, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to pipe leaks, so allow at least a couple of hours to let everything hopefully settle completely.

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