The Ultimate Process of Repairing and Restoring Old Picture Frames

The Ultimate Process of Repairing and Restoring Old Picture Frames

Do you own antique art and old picture frames passed down to you from your ancestors as a family heirloom, that no longer fit with the contemporary decor in your living space? Being forced to hide away your vintage art because of the damage to its frame and structure is not fair. All you have to do is spruce up your artworks’ frame, restoring and repairing them to fit your contemporary space. You Londoners can also get your art restoration done in London. 

Here are the steps involved in the restorative and repair process:

  • Cleaning and Deep Cleaning – 

The first order of business, prior to messing with the framing situation is to make sure that you clean the artwork and picture frames. Making use of a clean yet dry paintbrush, gently dust the entire surface of the art frame, and thoroughly cleanse the nooks and corners of each of the grooves. Carefully dust the corners with any nicks or cracks. After this, begin the process of deep cleansing using a clean towel and gently wiping away the frame with any kind of non-flammable grease solvent. Make sure that the solvent contains acetone that can remove gluey greasy marks or stains off the frames.

  • Disassemble – 

After the cleansing process, move on to the disassembling stage. Take apart your frames from the joints, using a rubber mallet. Gently flex the joints in between to get the joints apart. Avoid using a sharp knife to pry them open, even a slip of your fingers could cause massive, intrusive damage to your art or picture.

  • Clean it, again – 

After you take apart the frame, check the frame for any nicks and the quality of old frames. Remove any protruding nails from the bed of the frame, using pliers to wiggle out the nails. Also, take away the wood glue off the edges of the frames using a cloth dipped in 30% vinegar solvent. Test a small section before using it on the entire painting for discrepancies to the quality and strength of the vinegar solvent and its reaction to the art material.

  • Glue it & Strap it –

Now using a non-staining carpenter’s glue, you can reassemble the frames of all your paintings and picture frames. Make sure to wipe away any access glue that gets attached to the frame edges, using a Q-tip. For the process of restoration and frame repairs, you can also strap down the frames in a number of ways while the glue is still wet and not completely set. This will help establish the sturdiness and shape of the frame. Using a belt or a thick elastic band, you can clamp down the frames to keep the glue tightly fit. All the angles need to be checked so that they perfectly fit each other and don’t stick out. 

  • Reinforce the Frame – 

Once the glue has entirely dried off about 4 hours from sticking it on, you can now reinforce the frame by inserting V-nails or any type of finishing nails. 

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If your picture, painting and artwork frames require any more repairs and restoration than standard changing out of frames and reinforcing them, then it is essential to contact companies specialized in frame repairs at London. Getting professionals in the business to have a look at your custom framing needs can avoid causation of any further nicks and dings while trying to repair the frames at home.  

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