3 Ways That You Can Cut Down on Tasks and Save Time in the Office

3 Ways That You Can Cut Down on Tasks and Save Time in the Office

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Productivity is a strange beast. When it’s within your grasp, and everything is moving efficiently, you begin to wonder why you ever found it elusive to begin with. However, during times where nothing seems to go your way, with disruptions rising at every turn, you begin to wonder why you ever took it for granted back during the times you had it. It can feel like a real game of chance that you have no control over. Productivity is nebulous, and it’s not easy to recognize exactly what enables it, so when things start going well, it’s often just because the stars have aligned. That being said, just because it’s difficult to recognize the factors that oil the proverbial wheels, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

Identifying these factors is simply the first step, of course. Once you know what you can do to enable more productivity within the workplace, you can go about putting your newfound knowledge into practice. While sometimes these tricks are to do with something you can add to your work environment to smooth things along, they are equally often to do with ways you can cut down on your existing schedule to free up some time. After all, if you have more time on your hands, then that means you have more time to dedicate towards the core of your work and more time to deliver the best quality possible.

Customizing the Office to Increase Employee Happiness

Your employees are going to be the heart and soul of your operations, meaning they also hold the key to introducing more productivity in a lot of ways. While some people will try to force this connection by increasing the pressure on their employees to simply work harder, this could have the opposite effect, and a more gentle approach could offer more powerful results. Studies have shown that employees work harder when they’re happy, giving you an opportunity to go the extra mile to create a workplace where they can thrive and be motivated to put in effort for a company that cares about them.

There are a number of ways you could go about this. First of all, you could focus on altering the actual environment itself to create something that’s more inviting and comfortable to those who work there. One adjustment you could make, for example, is one to the lighting of the office – as that’s been shown to have a serious effect on the productivity of those who work there. Poor office lighting can lead to a variety of consequences in your staff, from headaches and migraines to fatigue. Needless to say, creating a workspace where these ailments don’t occur is a good first step to creating a place where your employees can enjoy spending their work hours. While lighting usually refers to how you light the space by artificial means, allowing plenty of natural light into the rooms can positively impact mental health.

In addition to the lighting, you could also consider introducing some houseplants to the office to allow for a more natural feeling space. Alternatively, fresh paintwork for the interior and general renovations of the furniture can make the place feel new and modern, which can help ward off feelings of over-familiarity. Above all, if you present yourself as someone with whom your employees can build a trusting relationship, then concerns and problems they’re having at work are more likely to reach you before they take more drastic action such as leaving altogether.

Consider Outsourcing Your HR Department

Having a lot on your plate can get in the way of directing your attention to where you would like it to be, causing you to split your attention between multiple in-house departments, which all need your attention. If this is the case, it might sound appealing to make it so you don’t need to worry about one of those departments while not losing any benefit of having it – something that is certainly possible. The way to do this is to outsource your department of choice, hiring a third party to conduct the same work. HR could be the right choice for this due to its nature of being somewhat disconnected from other departments and functioning as one that perhaps works even better in isolation. G&A Partners provide HR consulting Nashville, which could help you get your office running more efficiently. 

Gaining access to the insight of HR experts can also be a huge help in making alterations to the way your office runs, perhaps illuminating some areas that were in need of updating. Additionally, enlisting the help of professional services means that the benefits you can offer to your employees can become more appealing, meaning they might have more incentive to not only stay but also become even more comfortable within their role.

Take Things One Item at a Time

Multi-tasking can seem like a very appealing option when you’ve got a lot of things to do. In theory, it allows you to chip away slightly at multiple tasks at once, making progress in several areas at the same time and letting you clear all of your to-do list in record time. However, despite its surface-level appeal, studies have highlighted how multi-tasking can do more harm than good when it comes to productivity. There are multiple reasons why this is, with one of the more prominent ones being that you spread yourself too thin, and the work you apply to each item isn’t quality work since your focus is dispersed. 

If you align your focus and give each item on your agenda the time it deserves, you can not only increase the quality of work you apply to the task, but you could also find it more relaxing than frantically trying to complete everything at once. Getting overwhelmed isn’t going to help anybody and can happen quickly if you put too much pressure on yourself by thinking about your total workload.