Brenda Harvey Richie

Shocking Truths About Lionel Richie’s Daugher – Brenda Harvey Richie

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We all know that Brenda Harvey Richie is the foremost wife of Lionel Brockman Richie Jr. He is an americon idol judge and ex-husband to Lionel Richie. He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and a composer. Plus, he is also a record producer and a famous celebrity in the United States of America. In the 1980s, he was one of the most famous balladeers of his time. That was something that made him really famous. This was something that added his name to the most popular of the balladeers. 

Biography of Harvey-Richie 

Brenda Harvey Richie is the first and foremost wife of Lionel Brockman Richie Jr. He is an americon idol judge who’s quite famous in the hollywood industry. Her ex-husband i.e. Lionel is also a singer, multi-instrumentalist, an actor and a songwriter and a producer. He was born and brought up in the United States of America. Did you know that he was the most popular balladeer in the 1980s. This was because of his talents and skills in this field. Audience recognized him as one of the most popular balladeers because of his cool and funky band called Commodores. That was something that gave rise to his magical appearance in front of the audience. His American and funkie band is the one that helps people in understanding why he is so popular. Brenda has been charged for assaulting Richie and his mistress. This happened in the year 1988 in the month of June. This was when she discovered them together at the woman’s Beverly Hills apartment. It was reported as per the Police. After the assault of Lionel, Harvey  was detained for many accusations that caused physical damage, harm, and other stuff to the spouse. Trespassing, resisting arrest, violence, stealing and destroying public peace were many things. The act of destroying public peace was something that got on his head. This was reported by the Police and other people around. Harvey was imprisoned and later released after $5000 bail. Whenever it comes to the personal life of Brenda, there’s very little information about them. The full name is Brenda Harvey Richie. Everyone calls her Brenda. The last name is Richie. She is a female and an entrepreneur by profession. The ethnicity is african-american. As per the horoscope, she is a virgo. Her sexual orientation says that she is straight. As per the marital status, she is divorced. Former spouse of the lady is Lionel Richie. The date of birth is September 2, 1952. She is around 68 years young. 

Her Family Background 

Talking about her birth date, she was born on 3rd September 1952. Marshall Harvey and Lucille are parents of Brenda Harvey Richie. The best part about her family is that both her parents are into business. They are business people who are quite famous in their industries. Due to which, it seems like she has a really rich family background. Both her parents are hardworking and known to learn everything with their skills. That’s how her family background was built. Plus, his father was a United States Marine Corps Marshall during the second world war.  He was a soldier. Brenda’s mom Lucille, was a school teacher. Isn’t it amazing? Parents with two different and unique backgrounds. She taught at Southern Normal High School. Her teaching subjects were social studies and english. 

Brenda Harvey Richie Education 

She was born in the US on September 2,1952. She fell in love with her high school sweetheart in the Tuskegee University. They were a high school couple since they’ve been dating since their time in college. They tied the knot on October 18 in 1975. This was done after a long courtship. 

Plus, she took part in the Miss Tuskegee pageant as well. There’s no surprise that Lionel had his sights on the adorable lady already. Little is known about the family background of Harvey –  Lionel Richie’s daughter. 

Brenda Harvey Marriage – Let’s Discuss about her marriage 

Harvey tied the knot in 1975 with her college sweetheart, Lionel. Nicole is their nine year young daughter who was adopted after some time. Lionel began seeing Diane when they divorced in 1993. Then, Richie married his mistress called Diane in the next two years right after the divorce. Harvey has a son and a daughter. The name of the son is Miles and daughter is Sofia. 

However, whenever it comes to Nicole, Lionel and Brenda say that they have legally adopted her. This happened when she was a little nine years old girl. Her biological parents are Peter and Karen. However, they had financial and marital problems due to which they were not able to take care of the kid. This was the reason they chose to give over their daughter to Lionel for adoption. You must know that Nicole, the real mom, is a well known figure too. Since appearing in their reality shows in the year 2000, she has been known and adored as a Hollywood television star. She has never been in a long term relationship after her divorce with Richie. Brenda also had a boyfriend named Bruce. He was her friend’s brother. She dated a few guys however she never came into a long term relationship with anyone. Brenda filed a divorce after she found her husband cheating on her. She approached her mistress and divorced after the physical incident was reported in 1993. All this happened in the month of August. After what all happened, they are believed to be bitter enemies but now have moved on friendly terms with each other. 

Let’s check important facts about Brenda Harvey Richie

  • She is 67 years old. 
  • She celebrates her birthday on September 2 every year. 
  • She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. 
  • She was born in the USA and is an african-american. 
  • Sailing and traveling are her favorite hobbies. 
  • Most of her biographies focus on her personal life rather than professional life.
  • Her parents raised her in Brewton, Alabama.