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Significance Of Composite Bearings In Marine Industry

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Marine bearings play a crucial role as a component in developing marine hardware. Surprisingly, there are bounteous options for bearings at present that set the cutting edge in the industry. However, one that is taking the market by storm with its exceptional performance and plentiful pros are composite bearings. Meant to suit the wide range of applications and offer tailored bearing solutions, these are made from Polyester cloth with high-performance resins and powerful lubricants.

Applications Of Composite Bearings In Marine Industry

Composite bearings because of flexibility and utmost strength are harnessed both for underwater and above-water purposes. Deck hatch, roller bearings, propeller shafts, rudders, and ship hulls are major applications that include their use. Based on the purpose or applications, the size of the bearings ranges from one-inch diameter to huge.

Reasons Why Composite Bearings Are Good To Use In Marine Industry

Accessing the maintenance-free solutions and performance improvements can double the efficiency in the execution. That’s where composite marine bearings enter into play. These are the combination of the best properties of the several materials to improve the ship operations like –

  • Stabilizer systems
  • Ship maneuvering
  • Deck equipment

Here are the sure-shot advantages of marine composite bearings that let the industry make a headway. Have a look!

  • They Are Light In Weight

In comparison to pure metals, composite bearing materials are quite lighter. Using these in marine structures can lower the total weight up to 25% or near about, thus heading towards better lift up.

  • They Minimize The Maintenance Requirement

Shipowners always need to keep the maintenance of the hardware up to date which often results in huge expenses. However, this is not the case with composite marine bearings. The reason being, these are specially designed in combination with effective materials that automatically double the efficiency of the whole system. Using composites for the applications like winches, stern rollers, A-frames, fairlead rollers, hatch covers, and others offer a maintenance-free solution.

  • They Are Dry-Running

Composites bushings and bearings are dry-running, that is they do not entail grease or lubricants to work. This makes them seamless to be used for under-water applications or processes. Besides, using them for applicants that are sensitive towards contamination or dust is also a smart idea.

  • They Are Resistant To Corrosion, Dust, and Dirt

Composite bearing materials do not corrode when exposed to acidic or basic solutions. They are able to hold against the harmful chemicals in lubricants, UV rays, and high-energy radiation, thus leading to a reduction in the chances of rust. Apart from this, their ability to absorb dust particles ensures the maximum sanitation of the applicants.

  • They Are Strong And Stiff

Unlike metal bearings, composite marine bearings are rigid and do not alter their shape or stiffness. Their strength to withstand UV radiations, high heat and other powerful environmental incidents make composites, the high-standard components for marine hardware.

  • They Are Cost-Effective

Composites are generally lower in cost in contrast to traditional metals or wood. The fact they have low-petroleum based content does not let them be the reason for heavy fuel cost in the marine execution. Moreover, witnessing less wastage in the implementation of composites marine bearings in applications also helps in the reduction of the overall cost to some extent.

  • They Boost Overall Productivity

Industrial designers do not have to involve in hefty work-in-progress as composites do not require additional machining. Their ability to get molded directly into the parts eliminates the need for post-process, thereby, reducing the efforts of designers and engineers. In addition, the reason that they can endure tough environments and instances without having an impact on the design also makes it easy for the ship owners to work without concerns.

Bottom Line

Indeed, the performance of the marine industry relies on the way different materials and components are applied. Since daily activities and operations in this field entail maximum durability, safety and high-performance, using composite bearings for both under-water and above-water applications is seamless. All the aforesaid benefits of composites prove the splendid significance of composites in the marine industry.