Islamic Perspective


At the time of the creation of human beings, God has also created many emotions in him. These feelings and emotions are known as human instincts. These emotions are of two types. These include positive and negative qualities.  So it’s all about today’s lesson, if you want to learn more click on “letsreadquran” You will get an answer and solution of your every confusion. Positive qualities include: Expressing and recognizing the truth Compassion and love Physiological desires like hungry, thirsty and body desire Negative emotions include: Anger Hate Violence and dejection According to Quran, the angels who are the Adams creation witnesses know the negative qualities of Allah’s creation-man. Not only this, but the man will also be questioned about these negative qualities on the Day of Judgment. In the Quran, Allah says, Man was created weak. Weakness means we will definitely be stuck in the trap of enemy which…