pizza kits online


Let’s try to imagine the following situation: you are at the supermarket and walking among the fridge counters, a desire for pizza suddenly catches you. Therefore, your attention is drawn to a packaged Italian pasta & pizza kit put on display next to the ready puff pastry.  It is a fresh pizza base ready to be cooked, and everything seems wonderful until you read the label and find a string of incomprehensible names immediately after the words flour, water, salt.  So, there are two ways. First, you don’t give it any weight, take the base home and then season and cook it in your own oven. Second, get scared and dedicate yourself to the homemade preparation of the dough.  Don’t ask me what’s better: I’d be biased, even if extremely objective. But since we don’t like to be too purist from time to time, we put ourselves in the shoes…