Take a Look at Procore® Sr72 Technical Specifications Before Buying

Take a Look at Procore® Sr72 Technical Specifications Before Buying

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Looking for an aerator that you can afford? Most golf course turf equipment and machines are expensive. You can save money by buying from a website that offers used turf machinery for sale. Aerator is an important equipment that plays a key role in the health and maintenance of turf. ProCore® SR72 is an aerator developed by Toro. 

As it is a light weight aerator, you can use it on a sensitive turf. It is also tough enough for compacted soil. It is a versatile turf machine suitable for any aerification task. You have plenty of tine options. It can achieve a depth of up to 400 mm (16 inches). 

ProCore® SR72 Features 

Coring and Solid Tines 

Thanks to the number of coring and solid tines, this aerator is suitable for an array of cultivation practices. 

Adjustable Soil Fracturing Capabilities

You can adjust the tines’ soil fracturing movement thanks to the availability of multiple positions. You can control and adjust motion according to the application.

Easy Hook-up and Operation 

All deep-tine models powered from the PTO utilize a 3-point hitch hook-up. 

Improved Depth Control      

Arcs are perfectly aligned following the crank arms’ movement and the main frame’s movement. The operator does not need to change the angle of entry to change the tine depth even when the machine is in use. You don’t have to leave your seat to adjust ideal time positions for different types and conditions of soil. 

Heavy-Duty Design 

It is a robust machine that can be used in extreme aeration conditions. Its heavy-duty design include: 

  • Heavy-duty bearings
  • Oversized gearbox
  • Crank arms 
  • Chains 

This is why you can operate this aerator in extreme conditions.

Precision Design 

The perfect alignment of frame, tine arms and the crankshaft allows long life and superior performance. With its innovative design and fast, efficient performance, it can operate smoothly at all depths. It provides superior hole quality. 

Superior Punching Power 

The aerator places weight over the point of impact. As a result, even lightweight units can do heavyweight jobs. This not only reduces shock but wear and tear as well.

ProCore® SR72 Specifications 

Aerating Width 178 cm (72″)
Aerating Depth (1″ – 16″) 25-400 mm
Aeration Speed 1.3-2.4 KPH (.08-1.5 MPH) @ 400 PTO rpm
Hole Spacing 75-150 mm (3″ – 6″)
Lift System Standard 3-point
Lift Capacity 2,800 lbs. (1,270 kg)
Productivity 3,530 sq. m/hr. (38,000 sq.ft./hr.)
Recommended Counter Weight 135-225 kg (300-500 lbs.)
Tractor Size 45 HP (34 kW)
Tractor PTO 400-500 RPM
Weight 900 kg (1,985 lbs.) with PTO and Top Link