Living Room Ideas

Ten Living Room Ideas Everyone Should Try at Least Once!

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Blank walls could be a big disaster for your aesthetic craving brains. Especially if you are short on time, money, or ideas, use these DIY decorator ideas that suit all types of people and ideas!

Basket Collection:

You can always enhance your white or pastel-colored walls with a collection of different-sized woven baskets. The baskets are usually khadi- honey in a color that adds a cozy vibe to your space. In addition, the woven symmetry adds texture and dimension to the walls.

World Map:

A map on your wall doesn’t make you a geography teacher in any way. But it can indeed add some geographic theme to your room. People say that adding a globe or a wall has encouraged them to save up and travel worldwide. Who says? Who cares?

Woven Wall Hanging:

Nothing suits better than an intricate bohemian style resurgence of woven flat wall hanging. The textured pattern gives a vintage-inspired element. Just place it above your seats and sofas to add an intricate space to your room.

Tik Tok clock:

Time has never been out of fashion; it has just changed its frames. So a large metal clock is a perfect add-on for your reading and living space. Not only does it tell your choice of classic, but it also got you some fun time hearing the tick-tocks all round the clock, *literary*.

Colorful tapestry:

Not a very popular choice, but indeed a unique one. For people who love art, colorful tapestry patterns can add unique compliments to your room. However, since it is already full of patterns, ensure that you don’t overfill it with wall hangings and pictures. 


Mirror mirror on the wall, who had the greatest choice of all? It’s you! Huge round mirrors with beautiful borders and designer styles can make your room appear bigger and more reflexive. 

Vintage wall arts:

The vintage wall art can bring a 90’s look to your living space. These customized steel monogram signs create a finishing element that brings the room’s furniture, color palette, lighting, and decor together beautifully. In addition, the decorative metal signs bring you an exotic collection of the most popular vintage room and outdoor metal signs made with extra UV protection to extend their outdoor use. 

Framed portrait:

Be it someone you idolize or your ancestor, heavily framed portraits can be a huge compliment to their memories and your walls. In addition, the old artistic frames suit phenomenally well subtle furniture and modern sculptures. 

Pretty plated:

Who said Victorian designer plates should only be stored away for some special guests? Your wall deserves equal attention and love. Create a curated look by mixing and matching different sizes of vintage plates and creating a symmetrical artistic gallery around the corner of your home. 

Bicycles on the wall:

Sounds funny? But it’s modern art, and modern minds require modern designs. So contemporary wood mounts hold the bicycle together and make the room look more colorful. 

These are just some of our favorite designs used by stylists and celebrities across the world. You can always create your art and remember, your art speaks to who you are. Always go with what your mind says instead of what’s on the trend. 

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