best flavored Beard E-Juices

The best flavored Beard E-Juices you must not miss out on!

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Today as the vape industry is expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.1%, the market has adapted several COVID-19 based marketing strategies to drive product sales. E-liquid is made from different flavors and nicotine strengths using ingredients like Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, etc.

One can easily experiment with beard vape e-juice with different e-liquid flavors in various nicotine and non-nicotine strengths. 

About Beard Vape Company:

Beard Vape Co e-liquid company has a base in the United States, and it specializes in high-quality vape juices. The Beard Vape company specializes in authentic dessert and fruit-flavored juices with flavors like cake, candy, and fruity blends. The flavors are made from all the natural ingredients using high-quality, attractive packaging. 

Ingredients and Packaging: A combination of 70% Vegetable Glycerine and 30% Mixed Propylene Glycol, with food flavorings like Cheesecake, strawberry, and cinnamon funnel cake juice. The no nicotine versions are for the people who have eliminated nicotine addiction from their bodies. 

The best products from the beard vape company:

Beard vape co-No 24 ( salted caramel and malted barley)

Beard vape co-No 24

Flavor: Initially, you get a salted caramel creamy taste that creates a sensation of itch. Then you get the flavor of malted barley that creates a sensational taste when you exhale it. The after-sweet taste might leave you wanting more. 

Quality: This new flavor is slightly different from other flavors. The combination can satisfy the sweet tooth cravings, and you can experience the blend in one puff. In addition, the caramel coating can leave you with a savory taste.

Advantages: Good Quality, affordable, portable

Beard vape No 32 (Cinnamon cake blend)

Beard vape No 32 (Cinnamon cake blend)

Flavor: You get a taste of a rich cinnamon funnel cake when you first inhale it and then a sweet bakery flavor. The Cinnamon blend gives a spicy exhale. 

Quality: Vaping with cinnamon flavors has a high-quality food flavor with 60% Vegetable Glycerine and 40% Mixed Propylene Glycol. 

Advantages: It is affordable with a strong flavor. 

Beard co No. 05 (Cheesecake blend with strawberry)

Beard co No. 05 (Cheesecake blend with strawberry)

Flavor: A creamy taste of Cheesecake with rich strawberries will get you a feel of sweet strawberry when you inhale it. A savory mix of delicious strawberry and Cheesecake is one of a kind strawberry cheesecake. 

Quality: The light inhalation flavor contains VG/PG 60/40 capacity, and the product is worth a shot. Not only creamy, but the taste also has a fruity mix, made with all edible and high-quality flavors. 

Advantages: It’s affordable and tastes just like fruit dessert. 

Why is beard e-juice better than other brands?

If you are wondering why we insist you try yummy beard juices, you must consider the following benefits!

  1. Top Quality
  2. Delicious bakery, fruity, and dessert flavors
  3. Popular and in-demand
  4. Easy to use, especially for beginners
  5. Delicacy to sweet tooth
  6. Easy availability
  7. Highest Satisfaction

Indulge in the gourmet vape juice collection that aims to provide high-quality e-liquid vape juice through vigorous research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation.

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