The Importance of Gifting Kids Black History Books

The Importance of Gifting Kids Black History Books

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There’s no denying that there’s power in reading books. Along with how reading black history books encourages learning language, comprehension and piques interest in reading further, it also plants a seed in the minds of the kids that will continue to grow in curiosity seeking to discover moments that guide their understanding of the world. 

Not only does reading strengthen one’s mind to communicate with others easily, but it also drives one to empathize with others and their situations on a new level.

Reading black history books for kids bought from black-owned bookshops in the UK is important for the following reasons

  • Challenges Forgetfulness 

A lot of what a country and its people deem important are in the moments that they choose to remember. There is nothing more important to people than being remembered as a collective community than being a part of history and culture through their presence in books of history. A country is not merely defined by its infrastructure and economy but by the collective experience of the mistakes, disappointments, embarrassments of all people groups situated within the present-day country. Challenging this habit of forgetfulness about its history can be rectified through the simple act of encouraging reading black history books for kids. 

  • Preserving Culture

Culture, as mentioned above, is the cumulative experience that a community of people endure, celebrate and tie together. In order to seek a seat at the global table, everyone needs to understand their culture. This education about the origins and different paths a culture navigated through come wholly from understanding kids’ formative years by reading black history books for kids. It educates, but it helps in further securing and guarding the culture of people by bringing to remembrance.

  • Maintaining a Sense of Community

In today’s age and day when every tribe and every people seek a sense of belonging and inclusivity, whether in schools or jobs, a good way to facilitate that is by maintaining a sense of community. One can maintain a sense of belonging and community by making sense of black history and how it has transformed over the years to make room for everyone at the table. It inculcates a sense of togetherness and aims to teach lessons of heeding to every voice, every tribe, every tongue and every person. 

  • Power to Inspire

When black kids read black history books for kids, they can find it extremely inspirational and guide them to seek out justice and equality, to “become one united people, regardless of race and religion, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity, and progress for one’s nation” collectively. It challenges young minds to beckon on a bigger purpose and instils a drive to achieve more than one can even begin to conceive in the confines of one’s minds.

We hope that all of these will inspire you to encourage young children to pick up black history books for kids and give them to them so that they can get acquainted with the culture soon.