Travis Scott Shoes

Travis Scott Shoes Leaving Their Mark in Sneaker World

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Undoubtedly Travis Scott has made his presence everywhere from the music industry to the business world. Travis Scott’s collaboration with the biggest sneaker brands is gaining popularity every day. Travis Scott is juggling quite well between music and collaborations. Scott’s sneakers are always sold out, just like his extra energetic concerts. 

We can say that we get goosebumps every time we see him running so fast in every industry. 

Even Yu-Ming Wu, Stadium Goods’ chief marketing officer, said that ‘Travis Scott is arguably the biggest sneaker collaborator.’ The latest Travis Scott Dunk was out of stock as soon as they came into the store. So with this, you can get an idea of how he is blooming in this sneaker world. 

Check out a few amazing pairs from Travis Scott Shoes.


Travis Scott Jordan 1


  • Travis Scott Jordan 1 is the Jordan brand’s one of the most popular sneakers of 2021. Thanks to the amazing color coordination on these shoes and Travis Scott’s successful music album Astroworld. 
  • The actual attraction of these Jordan shoes is the design. The combination of white with other bright colors like blue and green shows he knows what the youth are falling for these days. 
  • The color blocking scheme of Travis Scott and Fujiwara creates an immensely authentic pair of sneakers.
  •  It is an ideal shoe and is well-deserving on the top of the list.

Travis Scott Jordan 1 Fragment


  • Three minds are better than one, and these pairs of shoes are the living example of this quote.
  • Travis Scott, Jordan brand, and Hiroshi Fujiwara are the three minds behind these amazing collections.
  • There are two forms of this pair of shoes: low and high. The major preference is on low, but both the sets are just amazing.
  • The colorway of these shoes features classic color-blocking schemes with unique touches that only Scott and Fujiwara could come up with.
  • The Fragment Design logos and Cactus Jack imprinted on the left, and right heels add a contemporary touch to this classic silhouette.
  • It is one of the most successful designs by Travis Scott to date. 

Travis Scott Dunks


  • Travis Scott’s collaboration with Nike is again another revolutionary collaboration in the world of sneakers. 
  • Travis Scott Dunks is a friend and family collection, and there are only 24 pairs available.
  • The sneakers’ nickname is Cactus Jack, and Travis Scott has also included spare laces with his collections.
  • The top of the shoes features a patchwork motif with a tan leather foundation that looks surprisingly cool and classy.

Final Words:


Travis Scott has seized an opportunity and put his efforts into something he is good at, along with the music. All of his collections are exclusive and attractive, which is why they are winning the hearts of everyone. His design collaboration with Nike and Jordan has taken things to the next level. The color scheme and creativity on all of them are remarkable. Travis Scott’s success isn’t the only reason his collections are often out of stock, as you can see. But, they are deserving of all of their fame.