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9 Western Earrings That Made Bollywood Go Crazy

Well yes! No matter how much a woman dresses up, it would not be a complete look until she slides in a pair of gorgeous earrings. Earrings are as essential to your look as full stops are to a sentence. Your style statement will never be complete without them.

Hello? Are you under the impression that earrings are a “recent” fashion trend? Well, you will be surprised to know that earrings were perhaps one of the earliest fashion statements that ever came to being. Men from the Bronze age, some 5000 years ago were to first to flaunt earrings. A mummy, discovered in the Italian Alps was discovered wearing a 7-11 cm hoop earring.

So if you have this deep love for beautiful ear accessories, do not be harsh on yourself. It is a fashion desire deep-rooted in your DNA or so we can say!

So how about we take a tour and check out the different western earrings that are taking Bollywood by storm? Let’s begin:

Studding It : 

While small hoop earrings are common, studs are the smartest pair of earrings that you can find. They pretty much go with everything. These stylish babies come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Unlike small hoop earrings and large hoop earrings, studs do not dangle, making them the ideal accessory for every occasion. Your Bollywood celebrity inspiration can be Aishwarya Rai. She wears a lot of studs with her attire. So without much ado, search for stud earrings on the various western earrings online India

Drop Dead Gorgeous: 

Another must-have pair of earrings to search on western earrings online India are the Drops! To state aptly, these babies are “drop” dead gorgeous and are ultra-sophisticated. Drop earrings are an extended version of studs with the look and feel of small hoop earrings and large hoop earrings. Our very own Anushka Sharma pulls of drop earrings super well!

Hoops of Life:

 If one is opting for this variety, there is a sheer gourmet of options available. Two of the most common ones are small hoop earrings and large hoop earrings. Ideally, hoops were circular, but owing to their sheer popularity, a lot of styles and patterns are now available. The style queen Sonam Kapoor and the dashing Anushka Sharma are seen pulling these off quite frequently.

Danglers To Drool Over: 

This type is quite similar to drop earrings. While drop earrings are vertical and stationary, danglers( as the name suggests) can swing in any direction. Like hoop earrings and studs, danglers have a lot of options differing in length and weight. These babies have a lot of variations and offer an array of intricate designs. Danglers are ideal for you if you have a round face like Sonakshi Sinha. If you are looking to buy these, then first look them up on western earrings online India.

Huggies For Your Ears:

These are yet another variation of small hoop earrings and large hoop earrings. The only difference they have with hoop earrings is that these hug the ears, and does not go down and around. The design does not leave much space around the ear-lobe so it can get a bit stuffy. But hey! You want to look hot or not!?

Barbells or Dumbbells:

 These earrings are a lookalike of dumbbells which means they have two small balls attached to a metal rod. Many a time, these balls are available in various shapes and sizes. Skulls, hearts, stars are your ideal options. These pairs of earrings are very simple and can be paired with anything. They are extremely light and very easy to pull off.

Light Up With Chandeliers:

As their names suggest, these earrings are shaped and designed just like chandeliers! They look amazing with evening gowns and can be an immediate head-turner. While one end of the earring is set on the ear-lobe, the other end drops down, often in multiple layers of decoration. These types of earrings look extremely classy and festive and can pump almost any look. Anushka Sharma has stolen the spotlight many a time with these babies.

Grab The Ear-Cuffs:

These are very much in vogue these days and you got to search them on western earrings online India! For those who have not seen an ear-cuff before, these are earrings that wrap or cuff the outer surface of the ear. Yeah, they are very unlike the traditional small hoop earrings and large hoop earrings. Ear-Cuffs generally have multiple connection points and are very elaborate. Priyanka Chopra wears a lot of these, so follow her style statement for reference.

As Simple As A Threader:

These are very light and can be ideally worn with any western or casual wear. Ideally, a reader looks like a piece of string passing through the earlobe on both sides. While the readers look very simple, sometimes a piece of stone or sequin is added at the end of the thread.

So there you go ladies! Now you are geared to buy any of these nine top earrings after running a search on western earrings online India. Complete your look with a pair of gorgeous earrings and your charming personality!

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