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What is Dental Implant and its Benefits

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Are you looking for a dental implant clinic in Delhi? Well, before that you should be aware of what is a dental implant and some of its benefits. 

A dental implant is a highly technological replacement tooth that is a mimic of the entire tooth structure. A titanium “root” is slowly inserted inside the bone and is used for supporting the crown, denture, or bridge. The root looks, acts, and feels like a real tooth and also lasts for a longer period of time if taken care of properly. Dental implant technology is the state of the t tooth replacement solution due to its benefits over the past treatments. With the advanced innovations in the dentistry field, most of the patients can benefit from them, even if earlier it was told they cannot. 

Let us check out some of the benefits of dental implants

1. You will no more miss your natural teeth 

One of the greatest benefits of an implant is that it can restore the full chewing power. Most of the patients are unable to tell the difference between the implant tooth and the natural teeth. People can easily eat with it simply and brush plus floss as well. The right dental implant clinic in Delhi will help effectively in this. 

2. You have them for a lifetime 

 Although a dental bridge might last around for just ten years or o, dental implants can last for a longer period of time. The implant is made up of titanium and is combined with the jawbone. It is completely bio-compatible, that is non-toxic, something not rejected by the body. All in all, it is a great replacement tooth. 

3. They help in bone loss 

In absence of a tooth, the jaw bone present in the empty space worsens because of a lack of stimulation. In case, no implant undertakes in the first year itself of losing the teeth, then the bone area might lose 25% of the volume, and bone loss will continue for years. The dentures also accelerate the bone loss as it becomes loose quite often and rub at the bony ridge, by wearing it away. Since the implant is replaced by the root and tooth, eventually chewing is restored back to normal. The process involves the required stimulation for the natural growth of bone. 

4. Stability of adjacent teeth 

The gap from the missing teeth can lead the adjacent teeth to move crookedly to a gap. This pulls up the teeth out of position and affects the bite, accompanied by your potential to chew and the appearance. It can lead to interference in tooth replacement. A bad bite can result in issues with the TMJ and might also lead to headaches and pain. You can get your teeth checked by the best dental implants in south delhi and achieve bliss!

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