Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Eyelid Surgery?

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A lot of men and women with excess skin, fat and muscle in the lower and/or upper eyelids look for the best eyelid surgeon in Boston. This procedure is performed for cosmetic reasons. Sometimes, patients go for eyelid surgery due to medical reasons. This surgery is also known as blepharoplasty. 

What Are The Other Treatment Options? 

Fractional resurfacing or Botox can help some people. Botox injections reduce skin sagging. Botox is also used for treating facial creases and wrinkles. It creates a lift to the eyebrows to improve the appearance of your eyelids. However, you cannot maintain the results without repeat treatments. 

Fractional facelift involves a laser for creating thin wounds around your eyelids. The skin becomes tighter as the wound heals. 

However, neither fractional facelift nor Botox can beat the results you can achieve with eyelid surgery. You can go for Botox or fractional facelift if eyelid sagging is not significant and you want to avoid surgery. Let your doctor help you in choosing the right treatment option. 

Are You The Right Candidate 

If your lower and/or upper eyelids have excess loose skin and it starts bothering you, this surgery is the right option for you. You can visit an eyelid surgeon in Boston if: 

  • Excess fatty deposits start causing puffiness.
  • Loose skin starts causing folds. 
  • You have fine wrinkles and excess skin on the lower eyelid. 
  • You are in good health. 
  • You are not a smoker.  
  • Your expectations are realistic. 

You are not an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery if: 

  • You want to improve uneven eyes or crow’s feet. 
  • You want to treat drooping eyebrows. 
  • You are suffering from dry eyes.
  • You are suffering from eye diseases such as eye infection. 
  • You are a smoker. 

Eyelid Surgery Consultation 

You can book an appointment with an eyelid surgeon in Boston and discuss your specific goals so that the surgeon can tailor the procedure for you. To get the best results, you should be able to share your expectations. Let the surgeon know what you want. He will tell you the realistic outcomes. 

Before you go for an initial consultation, write down all the questions you want to ask. You can write down your goals as well. Patients often skip some important questions when they share their expectations and concerns with the surgeon.

The surgeon will examine your face and eyes. He will take some measurements and photographs. After this examination, the surgeon will recommend the right option for you. You can also ask why that option is right and what are the possible complications involved in that option.     

What To Expect 

The surgeon will use general or regional anesthesia before the procedure. The surgeon makes incisions in the natural creases to make scars less noticeable. He creates the desired results by removing excess skin, fat and surrounding tissues. Once the procedure is completed, you can go home the same day. Bring someone with you as you will not be able to drive. You will be able to recover in 10 days. 

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