Baggy Jeans

Why Baggy Jeans are a must in your Shopping Cart

Oversized clothing is the new big thing in the fashion industry that has been breaking the taboo for a couple of years now! There was a time when skinny fits and tight bottoms were the appealing pieces of clothing for women across the world. But things change, and they change for everything good! Now the oversized clothing is in and so are baggy jeans for women.  Whether it be the lovely ladies who love their girl-next-door looks or the ones who are highly experimental with their fashion regime, they have become a favourite of all. But if you have not tried them yet, you must be asking yourself, “why”?

Baggy jeans came into the fashion industry with the men in the lead (a rare sight!). However, it turns out that women have taken on the style as one of their own and rocking it too! With the supermodels in fashion magazines promoting different ways of styling oversized clothes and the fashion industry delivering some of the best designs If you are still pondering over the thought of trying one for yourself, buy one!

Relish the aura of classics and mist of 90s fashion by slipping into your beloved baggy jeans.

Reasons Why Baggy Jeans are so Desirable

You must have been wondering what has made this oversized piece of clothing so desirable for fashion lovers and influencers! There are quite a lot of answers to this question that you ought to know now!

  • They do not stick to the skin, which makes them highly comfortable, and you can wear them all day long!
  • They look good on slim people as well, making them look a bit more in the frame without putting on some extra units on the weight scale!
  • Baggy denim pants go with both formal and informal wear. You can wear them as per your preferences. You may either club it with a crisp white shirt and formal boots or wear a crop top and sneakers.
  • You will have plenty of styling options up your sleeve after slipping into a baggy denim pant of your choice. Try all of them to give a touch of trendy and new to your regular fashion looks.
  • They are durable and useful even after they lose their shine. Unlike normal skinny jeans, you can recycle these into shorts to wear at home. They are super comfortable so you can easily wear them at home while chilling on a lazy Sunday.

Styling tips from the Fashion Experts

  • You can style your them as you want! But if you want to do it a bit more professionally, try using some of the professional tips from the fashionistas.
  • Try light coloured baggy jeans as the dark ones tend to look a bit heavier than usual.
  • Always use a designer leather belt with baggy jeans to fasten the waistline properly. It will alleviate the look of the outfit and make you look a bit chicer!
  • Wear comfortable shoes and make sure that the hem of your pants does not cross your ankles. If it does, fold them. You do not want to strangle in the oversized jeans while walking on the streets.

How to choose the Perfect Pairs?

The selection of baggy jeans requires only one expertise from every fashionista buying it, the perfect knowledge of size! This piece of apparel only looks good if one buys the perfect size that is neither too “baggy and oversized” not a slim fit! If you are confused with your size, you must take the help of a tailor or a designer to note down your perfect size. Also, be careful with the height of the pants, especially if you are short! Baggy jeans do not look nice if they are lengthy and wrinkle on the ankles. So, choosing the perfect pair of baggy jeans requires the bare minimum knowledge of height and waist size!

Where to Shop for Baggy Jeans?

Your shopping destination will decide the kind of jeans you will end up with! Choosing the right place to shop is very important to find the fresh and latest collection of clothes. If your personal preference is any particular shop or mall, then you do have to ponder over finding one. But if you are still undecided about where you should shop, try the online shopping portals. For the best quality denim collection, choose a site that only deals with that type of clothes. The narrower the market sections, the higher are the chances of finding the latest and untouched collection of apparels.

Baggy jeans are new in the league but are offering promising returns to the fashionistas who invest a lot to pull off their perfect looks! You can join them in the quest of experimenting with your cliche looks and try something new! Scroll through the available options and put the best ones in your shopping cart!

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