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Why Instagram influencer marketing is so Amazing?

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Instagram is a tool that teenagers use a lot to teach themselves, to show their own image and especially to compare themselves with the images of others. Those others are first of all your friends, the closest people, classmates, etc. but they are also compared to their references: famous people, people who have some influence on Instagram, and all that can make in the adolescent stage, see the beauty reflected in the images of others and not in itself.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become increasingly important in the daily lives of young people. The Instagram currently has more than 1 billion active accounts every month, which publish millions of photos and videos daily.

What is influencer marketing?

It is an advertising strategy based on the influence that certain people exert on social networks, when their profiles are followed by a large number of Internet users. Influence that must be translated into facts and those facts consist in the fact that the influencer makes a certain recommendation and a good part of his followers pay attention to him, so that the influence becomes palpable. Therefore, it is not enough to have a legion of followers in the profile, as has been commonly believed.

Influencer marketing agency India campaigns have been around for a while, but it is relatively recently that brands, both large and small businesses, have realized the potential to make strategies with influencers and have not hesitated at any time to incorporate these campaigns in your social media marketing plan.

Types of influencers

Now that you know what an influencer is, it is essential that you know how to distinguish between the different types of influencers that exist because not everyone is equal or everyone is going to have the same motivations when collaborating with your brand.

  • Celebrities are the ones who build the brand image, but it is very difficult to contact them and it depends mainly on the type of brand.
  • With opinion leaders, a brand will gain visibility and credibility. Normally, the more followers the opinion leader has, the more credibility he will be able to generate.
  • While prosumers are the ones that directly influence purchasing decisions. Its main function is to activate consumers to trust the brand and end up making the purchase.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencer agency India leaders emerged, many of them new and anonymous until then. The leaders, who began to be followed massively by the rest of the Internet users. They were next. Be reliable. They told their experiences on social networks and seemed impartial. Marketing and advertising specialists, who already turned to idols and traditional media, noticed the enormous power that these new opinion leaders exercised over their followers and began to incorporate them into their strategies. Famous for their campaigns on Instagram came later. It also became popular, and even displaced other social networks to rise among the main ones. Today it is the second most used social network, with five hundred million active users every day, and Instagram Influencer is one of the most powerful channels for promotional campaigns, or the most.

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