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Why Shall You Buy Calfskin Leather Band for Apple Watch

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Being a fan of Apple Watch, you definitely want to have your own collection of leather watch bands in New Zealand. Online buyers can find these points in a wide range of colours. Having a collection allows you to change the style of your watch so that it can redefine the style of different outfits for different locations. While reading product descriptions on online collections of leather watch bands, you may come across something like calfskin leather. The type and quality of leather determine the appearance, comfort, and quality of a leather band. 

There are different types of leather with their own benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, you should be well educated on available options. 

Calfskin Leather

As the name implies, this leather is obtained from a calf. In addition to leather watch bands, this leather is also used for making a variety of products such as wallets, shoes, jackets, and more.

This is the most desired leather for its qualities such as soft-touch, amazing texture, and durability. 

Calfskin Leather Durability

As calfskin contains more collagen, it is more durable than other leathers. Collagen makes skin strong and youthful. Calfskin leather can withstand physical touch, weather, and other variables that can damage your leather watch bands in New Zealand.

Is it Soft?

It’s higher collagen content makes it the softest leather for making Apple watch leather bands and other products that must be comfortable. It feels extremely soft and smooth against your skin.

Advantages of Calfskin Leather

The following are the reasons why calfskin leather is suitable for making leather bands.

It Molds

Thanks to its supple nature and collagen content, calfskin leather ages better. This is the reason why a calfskin leather band fits very well. It is very comfortable. Most of the other types of leathers become stiff.

It Lasts Longer

No other type of leather lasts longer than calfskin leather. It is because of its fibre and amount of collagen. You can use your calfskin leather watch band, belt, shoes, or other products for years to come. Other types of leather degrade quickly. So, a calfskin leather watch band can save money in the long run.

It is Beautiful

Calfskin leather is used for making incredible beautiful leather watch bands for Apple watches and other watches. It is beautiful to the sight and touch.

Calfskin Leather Disadvantages

To make an informed purchase, you need to be aware of calfskin leather disadvantages: 

It is Expensive 

It is one of the most expensive leathers used for making watch bands. Anyway, you are not going to use an ordinary leather band with your expensive Apple Watch. Moreover, you get quality, comfort, and durability.

There is More Upkeep 

It is expensive and high-quality leather. You need to care for it. Keep it away from water. 

It is Rare 

Depending on your location, you may not be able to find calfskin leather. However, you can buy leather watch bands in New Zealand. Not many online stores sell calfskin leather bands. Imagine you are the only one in your group wearing a rare and expensive leather watchband. 

Cleaning Calfskin Leather Band 

  • Wipe the calfskin leather watch band down with a damp cloth. 
  • You can use a soft brush. 
  • Wash off gently. 
  • Air dry   

The following are the most popular calfskin leather bands for Apple Watch:  

  • Aqua Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch
  • Peacock Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch
  • Dark Aubergine Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch
  • Soft Pink Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch
  • Red Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch
  • Midnight Blue Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch
  • Black Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch
  • Saddle Brown Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch

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