Today, there are lots of ways to fund your unexpected need like credit cards or app-based credit line but if you need a personal loan from a reputed bank, then it’s a challenge. Actually, the challenge is for good because a reputed bank always offers a personal loan at a low interest rate. From a borrower’s perspective, he always looks for a cheaper personal loan in a quick time because it can solve the borrower’s purpose without indulging him into financial trouble. If you also want a personal loan without indulging into trouble, then read this blog about IndusInd personal loan.

Benefits of IndusInd Bank Personal Loan 

  • An applicant who is looking for cheaper personal loans can apply for IndusInd Bank personal loan because it offers personal loans at attractive interest rate. Generally, the interest rate for the IndusInd bank personal loan starts from 10.99%.
  • Whether you need a big amount or small, the bank offers a flexible tenure up to 60 months to repay the loan.
  • Applying for IndusInd Bank personal loan is hassle-free and you can get instant approval on your personal loan application within few days.
  • IndusInd Bank offers collateral free personal loan. Hence, you can take the full advantage of the funds without risking your valuable assets.
  • Personal loan application requires lesser documentation here. Thus, makes it a seamless application process.

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate, Processing Fee, and the Loan Tenure

Lenders Name


Interest rate 10.99% – 16.00%
Processing fee 1% – 3% of the loan amount 
Loan amount Up to Rs 15,00,000
Loan tenure Up to 60 months

Eligibility Criteria to Avail IndusInd Bank Personal Loan

Salaried Individuals Self-employed Individuals
Any applicant between 21 to 60 years, can apply for IndusInd personal loan The age of the applicant should be between 25 to 65 years.
The net monthly income of the applicant should be at least 25,000 per month. The minimum annual net income of the after-tax deductions should be Rs 4.80 lakhs.
Any individual having minimum 1-year current experience can apply for this loan. The applicant should have at least 5 years’ experience after qualification.
The applicant should have a total experience of at least 2 years.

Documents Required for IndusInd Bank Personal Loan

Salaried applicants Self-employed applicants
ID proof: passport/driving license/ voters id/ pan card/ Aadhar card/  ID proof: passport/driving license/ voters id/ pan card/ aadahar card/
Photographs Photographs
Residence proof: rent agreement/ ration card/ utility bill (not more than 3 months old) Residence proof: rent agreement/ ration/ utility bill (not more than 3 months old)
Income proof: latest 3 months salary slip/ salary certificate and latest form 16 Latest business account statement of at least 6 months.
Latest 3-month bank statement Latest 2 years ITR properly audited
Last 3 month’s salary slips Business continuity proof: trade license/ establishment/ sales tax certificate)

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

The IndusInd Bank Personal Loan EMI calculator is a free tool that computes your monthly EMIs, total interest outgo even before applying for a personal loan.

Let’s assume an applicant want to get a personal loan of Rs 2 lakhs for the five years, then the monthly instalments and the total interest for the five years will look like as described in the table below.

Loan amount Interest rate Tenure Monthly Instalments Total interest Total amount
Rs 2,00,000 10.99% 1 Rs 17,675 Rs 12,105 Rs 2,12,105
Rs 2,00,000 10.99% 2 Rs 9,321 Rs 23,695 Rs 2,23,695
Rs 2,00,000 10.99% 3 Rs 6,547 Rs 35,685 Rs 2,35,685
Rs 2,00,000 10.99% 4 Rs 5,168 Rs 48,070 Rs 2,48,070
Rs 2,00,000 10.99% 5 Rs 4,347 Rs 60,849 Rs 2,60,849

EMI, Total Interest Outgo, and Total Repayment Per Year

Year Principal Interest Balance Amount
1 Rs 31,757 Rs 20,412 Rs 1,68,242
2 Rs 35,429 Rs 16,740 Rs 1,32,812
3 Rs 39,525 Rs 12,645 Rs 93,287
4 Rs 44,094 Rs 8,075 Rs 49,192
5 Rs 49,231 Rs 2,977 Rs 0

IndusInd Bank Customer Care

In case of any doubt, the applicant can also reach out to IndusInd Bank customer care. 

IndusInd Bank Customer Care Number toll free 1860 500 5004 or 022 44066666.


Q- What are the different ways to track the IndusInd Bank personal loan application?

ANS:- One method is that you can visit the official website of the bank or you can simply track your personal loan application at the official website of the AFINOZ.

Q- Do I need a credit score to get a personal loan from IndusInd Bank?

ANS:- Since, IndusInd personal loan is an unsecured loan, the applicant must have a good credit score to apply for it.

What is the maximum tenure to avail IndusInd Bank personal loan?

ANS:- You can borrow these personal loans up to 5 years.

What is the best way to apply for IndusInd Bank personal loan?

ANS:- The best to apply for IndusInd personal loan is applying online because it saves your valuable time. However, you can also for it by visiting the nearest branch of the bank.


There’s in no way like a brand new year to persuade us that the sky is the limit – including getting our financial houses altogether. For a considerable lot of us, debts are a consistent wellspring of stress and uneasiness. In fact, for certain individuals, debt can trigger sentiments of helplessness or misery.

Nobody needs to live that way. Regardless of whether you’re in a little debt or a loan, there are steps you can take to oversee your accounts, improve your FICO assessment and FICO score using payday loans, and make yourself feel much improved. Yet, defining your objectives, and afterward choosing how you will accomplish them, is a large portion of the fight.

To help you with making concrete financial strategies, start with the following goals and afterward work out the strategies to make the methodologies successful.

  1. Create a Budget

Check out your normal salary for the year. Likewise take a gander at need consumption for the year – lease, protection, EMIs, youngsters’ training costs, medicinal services, nourishment, and utilities and so on. Take a gander at optional use, for example, eating out, way of life, travel and so on. The key is to make significant distributions towards need things, discover approaches to lessen consumption, and increment reserve funds and interests in any way conceivable. Probably the best thing you can accomplish for your funds is set a financial limit. The monetary allowance ought to be attainable. Ensure that your lodging, nourishment, and utility expenses are around what you typically pay.

Payday loans in Australia
Payday loans in Australia

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  1. Try to Pay Off Debts

On the off chance that you can do as such, trying to priorities paying off expensive credit card debts or advances. This is on the grounds that you could wind up paying more in enthusiasm on the debt than you are gaining on your investment funds. Before you consider refreshing your sparing propensities, it’s a smart thought to organize squaring away expensive debt like charge cards or advances.

  1. Establish an Emergency Fund

Everybody is powerless against unanticipated emergencies. Without appropriate arranging, your spending limit could self-destruct should one emerge. In the event that you haven’t just done as such, it’s critical to build up a backup stash. This will ensure you in the event that you experience any kind of unforeseen crisis without burning up all available resources.

Payday loans in Australia
Payday loans in Australia

Your fund should be at any rate of 2 to 3 months’ worth of costs. This reserve may require a significant stretch of time to set up; however the individual monetary opportunity you gain from having it merits the pause.


  1. Prepare a Tax Plan Now

New Year is the best time to set up your assessment plan. This is a critical piece of your accounts. You ought not to leave it pending for the last a very long time of the money related year. Regularly, individuals overlook charge arranging during that time and afterward wind up making inadequately thought, rushed budgetary choices as the year-end cutoff time draws near. On the off chance that you plan your assessments well, you’ll have the option to show signs of improvement returns on your speculations, ensure better health and life inclusion for your family, and have the option to spare more duties. In this way, counsel your expense guide and make an assessment sparing arrangement now.

  1. Pay Down Your Credit Cards

In the event that you owe cash on your Credit cards, decide the amount you can sensibly stand to pay off during the year. For best outcomes, do whatever it takes not to charge extra buys on those cards while you’re attempting to settle what you owe. On the off chance that you have high- interest credit card balances, think about whether it would be progressively useful to take care of those high-intrigue obligations or to add to your investment funds.



Be mindful of setting an excessive number of or unrealistic financial goals. Else, you might be not able to achieve any of them. Accept this open door to rehash your money related goals basically and unmistakably for the New Year. It might be a smart thought to keep up an agenda to monitor how you are getting along consistently so you can make any important adjustments. Consider meeting with your budgetary guide to survey the objectives and targets that you have set up.

When you purchase a car, you typically do not think about the time when you will have to sell it. This is what makes the selling process of your vehicle a painful one. If you are selling your used car that belongs to you free and clear, you will find various platforms where you will be able to do the same. However, if you still owe money on the car that you want to sell, you will be required to go through a certain procedure. This is because the sale of a financed car typically involves a lender and a buyer. The primary idea here is to be clear about your situation to both the lender and the buyer. If you do this, there will be less complications in the sale of your financed car. 

Selling a financed car might seem like an intimidating and overwhelming process, but if handled rightly, it can be smooth sailing. There are two important elements involved in the successful sale of a financed car: 

  • Paying off the remaining debt: You can do this from the sales proceeds that you receive from the buyer of your car. You also might have to put in money from your own pocket if the outstanding debt is higher than the value of your car. 
  • Transferring the title of the car: Once the sale of the car is done, you will be required to transfer the title to the new owner. 

There are multiple things that should be taken into consideration before selling a car that has a loan on it. Some of them have been mentioned below: 

  • Documentation might be time-consuming: If you own a financed car that you are yet to clear off the EMI for, the registration certificate will have this information. One of the most critical and primary steps in selling a financed car is clearing out the outstanding debt, obtaining a NOC from the respective bank, and submitting it at the RTO. Once the NOC has been submitted at the RTO office, you will receive a new registration card that will not mention hypothecation. The whole activity can be quite time-consuming, and you might end up spending an extra day or two on the same. 
  • Do the math before the sale: You should always calculate the exact amount of money you owe on your financed car before initiating the sales process. After having done this, compare the amount of money you owe to the total value of your car. Ask yourself if you will be able to earn any profits from the sale of your car that will in turn help you repay the outstanding debt. This is important as every financed/used car has a depreciation value. Therefore, if your car is not in demand at the moment, you might have to face extreme depreciation values. If that is the case, you can always wait and sell your financed car at a point where its value is higher than the pending loan amount. While purchasing a car, it is always advisable to take its resale value into consideration. 
  • Clear the title of the car: In order to complete the process of sale of your financed car, you will be required to transfer the title to the new owner. This is basically an indicator that the car now belongs to the purchaser and he/she will have the rights to register it in his/her name. This is typically the final step in selling a financed vehicle. 
  • Consider all the options: You can fix a deal with the prospective buyer of your financed car wherein he/she will be paying off the outstanding debt of your loan. This, however, can only be possible if the pending loan amount is either equal to or less than the outstanding debt amount. In doing so, your car will be free of finance and you can receive the NOC from your respective lender. 

 In selling a financed car, it is thoroughly important to be completely transparent and honest about your pending loan amount. A well-maintained car is bound to attract customers, therefore, being honest can go a long way in establishing a good rapport with your buyer. 

Bad credit situations are the baggage of adverse financial conditions. It is very important to tame them on time otherwise get ready to face the stressful consequences. The situation is worst if you are bearing multiple debts. One missed repayment and your poor credit situation may transform into worst credit situation. Oops! Horrible! Most of the people start looking for debt consolidation options. This helps them ease their financial stress with affordable repayments and improvement in credit scores come evidently.

For bad credit borrowers, several relaxations accompany the loans. For instance, the debt consolidation loans for bad credit people with no guarantor are among the known funding choices. But the actual question is how to choose a best deal? When it comes to bad credit situation, the circumstances are much more sensitive. You need to choose an actually useful loan deal. But how to do that?

COMPARISON is the only tool to find out the workable borrowing options.

Some parameters can help to find out the most constructive deal that suits your financial circumstances well.

Annual Percentage Rate is Unavoidable

Abbreviated as APR, the annual percentage rate is the sum of multiple costs like interest rates, mortgage insurance (if secured), other charges or fees, discount points, loan origination fees, and closing costs. All these things decide the total cost of a loan. When you start searching for the debt consolidation choices, compare the finance companies on their APRs. Without getting influenced from the eye-catching rate quotes, choose the one that is most acceptable to your affordability.

Right Loan Term Supports the Repayments

The loan term plays an extremely important role in repayments. Different loan providers offer different loan terms. First of all, shortlist the options that are close to your expected and required duration. This ease the hassle of choosing from myriad loan offers. Think on what exactly you need and then choose the loan term. It is very important to have sufficient time to repay the borrowed money. When you make your decision, ensure that you are choosing the tenure or term that is suffice to tackle the repayments of the debt. However, in debt consolidation, you have only one integrated monthly instalment, but due to bad credits, it is good to play safe. Including Os Money, there are several other lenders that provide multiple loan tenure options. Explore them and take a final decision.

Is the single monthly instalment affordable?

The biggest relief for a borrower in consolidation is, in place of many monthly  instalments, he/she has to pay only one repayment. With one monthly instalment, managing funds become easy and there is no need to compromise on desires. If you  are not getting affordable repayment plans despite the consolidation, there is no use of working on this option. Unsecured debt consolidation loans simplify your repayments and this is what you should look for.

Flexibility to choose the date of monthly repayment

Another huge benefit of consolidating debts is you can choose the date of monthly repayment. Some lenders provide complete freedom to pick your desired date while some may have constraints and concerns. You need to focus on your desires and look for the lender that gives the maximum number of dates to choose for the repayments. Some loan companies give the chance to choose from 1st to 28th of month, while some keep from 1st to 15th. The first one is perhaps more convenient to you as a borrower. You have more options to choose from.

Comparison is the best tool to get the maximum from a loan product. Also, it ensures a safe borrowing experience. Do not hurry, stay patient, do comparisons, make your choice and your bad credit situation will start improving for sure.

When it comes to credit cards you have probably already heard all the things that are wrong about them and how you would be better off without them. 

This, however, is not the case. 

Yes, some people do fall into credit card debt. But it is mostly due to a lack of financial planning on their part. If used well, a credit card is a tool of great financial flexibility. Additionally, credit cards come with a number of benefits. Some you may be aware of and others are so well hidden that you wouldn’t even know they exist. 

Today, let’s take a look at some of these lesser known benefits. Who knows, maybe by the end of this article, you’ll check the terms and conditions on your card to see what benefits you have been missing out on. 

1. Purchase Protection 

Most credit cards come with purchase protection. This is a type of insurance which provides coverage when you buy products above a specific amount. This insurance kicks in if the product arrives broken, it isn’t the one you ordered, it gets lost, damaged, or is stolen. 

If you go through the terms and conditions of your credit card, you may find more details regarding purchase protection. These details can include the time period for which the coverage is applicable, the amount of coverage per item purchased, etc. 

This is a great benefit to have especially if you make purchases online or if you like trying out new websites while shopping. 

For instance, if you have the HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card, you are entitled to purchase protection for fire and burglary. For the insurance to kick in, the product purchased needs to be at leastRs.5,000. The coverage for personal portable equipment is Rs.25,000 per item and up to Rs.2 lakh for all other assets. Additionally, this coverage is valid only for 180 days from the date of which you made the purchase. 

2. Travel Insurance 

Most travel credit cards also come with complimentary travel insurance. While some issuers do advertise this benefit, others chose not to. 

However, if you have a travel credit card, chances are that your card provides travel insurance coverage. Of course, there are caveats in place. For instance, all your bookings must be made using your credit card for the insurance policy to kick in. Some may even provide coverage for issues such as delayed flights or misplaced luggage. 

Before you decide to book your holiday, go through the fine print on your card and see if travel insurance is one of the benefits that comes with it. If it is, check to see how you can avail it. Because if you can get insurance coverage for free, why not take advantage of it, right? 

3. Concierge Services 

There could be a time when you are so busy that you don’t have time even for the simplest of tasks. Not to worry, you can always put in a request with your credit card’s concierge service to get the job done. 

From planning your entire holiday to making reservations at a restaurant you have been dying to go to, your card’s concierge service will do all that they can (and more) to ensure that what you wish for comes true. 

Of course, this benefit does come with a price (and sometimes it may be quite hefty). But honestly, it saves you a lot of time and is quite convenient. 

4. Zero Liability 

Imagine if someone gets hold of your credit card and decides to go on a shopping spree. You notify your card issuer and they block the card. But when you get the bill, you realise that you have to pay for someone else’s shopping spree as well. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? 

Well, a nightmare that will never come true with most credit cards. 

This is because most credit cards come with a benefit known as zero liability. This means that if your card is lost or it has been stolen, all you need to do is call your bank’s credit card customer care number, inform them and get your card blocked immediately/ Once you do this, you are not liable for any unauthorised or fraudulent transactions that have been made using your card. 

5. Rewards for Super Fans 

There are also credit cards out there that cater exclusively to the needs of super fans. While their benefits may not be hidden, not many people know of these cards. 

For example, if you are a Ferrari fan, you should consider getting the ICICI Bank Ferrari Platinum Credit Card. This card lets you enjoy discounts when you shop on the Ferrari Store. Additionally, you get 15% off on entry tickets to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi when you buy the tickets at the park. 

There are just some of the benefits that you may be unaware of when it comes to your credit card. The only way to know what your card offers you, without the shadow of a doubt, is to go through the terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb. 

Sure, it’s going to take time, but just think of all the benefits you will get to reap at the end.  

(1888 PressRelease) Isaac Rodarte is the President and founder of Infinite Insurance & Financial Services, a firm specializing in helping individuals plan and prepare for a secure retirement future without the risk of the market. Serenity Rodarte is the Vice President and is also the wife and business partner of Isaac Rodarte. They were both born and raised in Southern California and are the proud parents of three.

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA – At Infinite Insurance & Financial Services, There mission is to help the client understand and protect themselves in all financial aspects of their lives. As a leading provider of retirement and insurance products and services, There goal is to help make it easier for individuals to grow, protect, and enjoy their savings across all major life stages. They focus on the client, doing the right thing, delivering on promises, and respecting people and their personal circumstances. Infinite is also FIVE STAR RATED on most review sites. They have become a very powerful and well respected company.

Isaac is part of the second generation of financial professionals in his family and has been able to utilize the knowledge and expertise of senior advisors within his own practice for many years. He is now recognized as one of the top specialists in his field and has earned numerous awards. Based on his experience and production, he is also able to offer many products and services not available to the majority of professionals in his industry. He has been consistent in helping people secure their retirement savings from market declines.

Serenity also has an extensive background in financial services. She has aided individuals with life insurance, annuities, healthcare, Medi-Care, supplemental coverage and retirement planning for several years. She is currently certified through Covered California and although her primary focus is on retirement planning, she has found this certification beneficial in allowing her to help individuals navigate through the new “Healthcare Reform Law”. They are very proud to be “Approved Members” of the National Ethics Association and have been recognized as having an ethical business practice. They also have maintained a top “A+” rating through The Better Business Bureau for many years. The core fundamental values that they uphold are honesty, integrity and being service oriented. Together, they have successfully been able to expose the hidden, “unknown truths” behind various financial products.

When Isaac and Serenity first established Infinite Insurance & Financial Services, they set out with an objective to help clients eliminate as much confusion as possible in planning for their financial future. Today, their company is servicing millions of hard earned dollars from countless individuals. The continuous increase in their client base is derived from their personalized knowledge, professionalism, and ability to guarantee the protection of assets as well as guarantee the availability of lifetime income should the need arise. Among their clients are individuals and families, business owners and executives as well as affluent professionals and retirees. These people look to Isaac and Serenity for guidance in the areas of retirement counseling, asset protection, estate preservation and up-to-date lifetime and retirement income strategies.

The two of them currently conduct educational workshops and seminars regarding retirement planning on a regular basis. This duo team also diligently volunteers their time to educate retirees at senior centers as well as community recreation centers regarding safer money options. They would be happy to give a free presentation or talk for groups and clubs throughout Southern California when their time permits them to do so.

Isaac and Serenity are focused on helping clients achieve their long term financial objectives by utilizing safe, non-risky vehicles that are currently not well known. The knowledge that the two of them possess has proven to be extremely valuable for many. Together, they have helped hundreds of individuals and families safeguard millions of dollars. They are well known as genuine, caring retirement and income specialists. Their passion and dedication to protect the livelihood of others is the motivating force that drives this couple to continue helping to build your tomorrow, today.