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Empty house insurance. Myth or Fact?

Vacant and unoccupied might sound similar but are completely different terms when it comes to property insurance coverage. So, until you are familiar with the fine lines, it’s hard to provide a clear definition of unoccupied property.  The claim arises when it’s determined whether the property is vacant or just unoccupied. The vacant properties have

Risks and Solutions to Cover any Damage to Goods in Transit

More than 90 percent of the world’s total freight is shipped through oceans since the transportation through container ships is a cost-effective and safe way of transporting goods. But it’s the oceans, and they do not come without perils.  So here, we discuss some of the perils associated with marine transportation and why you should

We Have Got Your Back for First Time Home Loan Options

Acquiring suitable first time home loan options is one of the most vital steps when a borrower decides to purchase a new home. Along with that, there are some of the other factors that help in selecting a loan option which is apt. Even though the myriad of numerous options available for first time home
Essential Information you Should Know About Secured Business Line of Credit

Essential Information you Should Know About Secured Business Line of Credit

You must have heard about the business line of credit which means you’d read the term secured business line of credit.  Putting in simple words, secured business line of credit permits business owners to acquire reasonable working capital by leveraging their assets. If you have the proper collateral, a secured line of credit can provide