Know the habits of highly effective investors

A wise investment means the best options that are good for one’s money. An investment made is always based on one’s objectives, the risk-taking capability and time. For being a successful investor, one need not be an expert in Finance. Investors should smartly decide on what is best for them and by seeking help from
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Know about SIP investments

A SIP is a way of investing in mutual funds. It enables you to invest a fixed sum in a mutual fund plan at regular intervals that you can pick. Invest in SIP lets you choose from an automatic contribution process by which a fixed amount fixed sum gets deducted from your savings account on
NRI Fixed Deposit

NRI Fixed Deposit – Things to Keep in Mind When you Apply

According to the December 2018 report issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, there are around 30,995,729 NRIs residing outside India. To help these NRIs yield attractive returns on their income and investments in India several financial institutions and NBFCs offer NRI fixed deposits. These firms and NBFCs often offer competitive NRI interest rates in
Mutual Funds

What Are Equity Based Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds are one of the most popular investment options available today. These funds enjoy immense popularity among investors and have given excellent returns over the past years. Investing in these funds has also become very easy with increasing financial education. But before investing in mutual funds it is important to understand what these funds
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Zuari Rain Forest Offers Luxury Villas in Goa

Goa has emerged as the preferred destination for homebuyers. All credit goes to its flourishing economy, rich history, enduring culture & traditions, and plentiful sightseeing options. The residential real estate market in Goa offers various options to homebuyers; everything from affordable homes to apartments, luxury penthouses, bungalows and villas in Goa. Today, villas are gaining
Wall Bed

Global Wall Bed Market Sees Strong Growth

According to a study, wall beds facilitate in 20% expansion of the available area in the room. This, in turn, is projected to lead the shift towards these bed in the upcoming future. Apart from commercial applications, massive demand generation from the hospitality sector is anticipated to further expedite the growth of the wall bed
Online Retirement Calculator

Plan Your Retirement before its too late

Online Retirement Calculator in India Will I have enough money to retire on? Will I be able to enjoy a happy and fairly secure old age? These are some common question that people who are nearing their retirement age always ask themselves. While there are several financial services companies that offer a retirement calculator, free