house insurance

Empty house insurance. Myth or Fact?

Vacant and unoccupied might sound similar but are completely different terms when it comes to property insurance coverage. So, until you are familiar with the fine lines, it’s hard to provide a clear definition of unoccupied property.  The claim arises when it’s determined whether the property is vacant or just unoccupied. The vacant properties have

Risks and Solutions to Cover any Damage to Goods in Transit

More than 90 percent of the world’s total freight is shipped through oceans since the transportation through container ships is a cost-effective and safe way of transporting goods. But it’s the oceans, and they do not come without perils.  So here, we discuss some of the perils associated with marine transportation and why you should

How Gym Insurance Isn’t An Expense But Necessity

Insurance is necessary for any business including running a gym. The gym contains an environment with higher risks of injuries and damages. Gym insurance protects the owner and the members of the gym from all such risks. But is it the only reason why you should buy gym insurance? No. Today we’ll talk about what
Liability Insurance For Gym Owners

Forfeit Your Facility From Damage Claims: Liability Insurance For Gym Owners

Keeping a check on fiscal fitness is as important as taking care of your physical well-being. If something goes wrong, you need the right gym insurance that protects your business from financial damage. Gym insurance is commercial insurance tailored to fulfill the specific coverage needs of gym owners. As a business owner (gym owner), it
Gym Insurance For Fitness Studios

Different Types of Gym Insurance For Fitness Studios

Gym insurance is the perfect way to protect yourself and your fitness studio from different accidents and incidents that might take place at your gym. Not just for the gym but for your employees too, gym insurance plays a vital role. There are plenty of coverages that are required for a gym insurance. Whether you
Freight Insurance

Freight Insurance | An Essential Coverage For Your Transit Business

While investing in a transit business, its safety and security remain the biggest concern for an owner. This type of business requires heavy investment, involves high risk as well as high-profit margin too. Different insurance policies are customized for covering the different types of potential risks in the transport business. When it comes to cover
Fitness Insurance

How To Succeed In The Fitness Industry

People spend most time sitting in chairs with eyes glued to screens. They are not living an active lifestyle. This is the reason why people work with fitness trainers. So, if you are a fitness trainer, you are in a profitable business. The fitness industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. Whether you are a
Freight Insurance

Carriers Liability Insurance Vs Freight Insurance

Undoubtedly, freight damages are a reality of shipping. However, we should stay focused on “when” rather than “if” they will happen. The first thought that haunts our mind is- when a loss occurs, how I’ll be compensated? In this article, we’ll understand the difference between carriers’ liability insurance and freight insurance. Carrier Liability It’s imperative