Know your Pest Control Facts!

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What is pest control?

Our homes are often occupied by living creatures apart from our family members which include insects like cockroaches, ants, rats, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies and many other pests. If in case, the infestation level is high, we can use domestic methods or professional pest control services, which includes the use of chemicals to get rid of these harmful creatures from home.

How can we carry out pest control services in India?

Like we mentioned, pest control treatment can be done by ourselves or even by the pest control experts. When we do DIY methods, we can opt to using natural ways to get rid of pests while the professionals tend to use chemicals to kill them, while also making sure they don’t return. In some cases, the pest control companies also offer herbal pest control options to customers. To get in touch with these pest control companies in India, a simple call on their hotline or visit to their website is enough to book an appointment.

When it comes to pest control however, there are a certain misconceptions among homeowners. Most of them believe pest control is expensive, while some believe the chemicals will cause side effects and a whole lot of them believe it’s a social embarrassment to have ordered for pest control services in India. Today, we’ll help you get some facts straight!

Get to know pest control better!

1) Pest control isn’t expensive

Whether it’s mosquitoes or cockroaches, getting pest control treatment isn’t an expensive affair. Think of it as an investment since we’re anyway going to be spending on buying materials and equipment when we do DIY methods, and most of these methods only repel pests, not kill them. In addition to this, pest control companies offer festive discounts, EMI options and discounts on making payments online.

2) Your family members are safe

Thanks to technological advancements in the country, pest control companies in India have started putting in lots of hours into creating the most useful chemicals which not only get rid of insects but also keep your family members safe, including kids and pets. The technicians are also trained in application so as to not let the gels and sprays come in contact with such members of your family.

3) There are standards laid out

Just like you have a license to drive, pest control companies are licensed and certified too. However, not all of them are, so ensure you do your homework before signing a pest control brand. The top pest control companies in India are part of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) while being HACCP-approved also helps before you select a company.

4) One-stop shop

The top brands also have all pest control and home hygiene services under one umbrella. Apart from offering pest control services, they offer home cleaning and deep cleaning services, as well as offering air purification and bird netting options. To keep your home healthy, all you have to do is make one simple call.

5) Be assured

With warranties being offered on all major pest control services, you can be assured that your house is in safe hands. During this warranty period, if you see any return of pests and creepy crawlies, call the technicians and ideally, they’ll return to resolve the issues at no added costs.

Overall, there are hundreds of pest control companies in India but it’s your call as to which one you choose. Be sure before you do so, as the health of your home and family is above all else. Also remember not to use price as your only deciding factor for pest control treatment.

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