management jobs


Management is an ever-changing ball game. In the previous generation, mere people management skills could ensure a successful management career progression. This is not the case in today’s competitive environment. Management skills both soft and technical are required for a successful career. Not only have the skills required changed but also the job profiles. We at Lexicon have compiled a list of the top 10 management jobs in the future to ensure you can upskill yourself accordingly. 1) Statistician – It is predicted that the number of jobs for statisticians will increase by 33% by 2026. This number is much larger than the predicted increase in statisticians for all other occupations.  There are a plethora of opportunities for people with statistical abilities including data science, applied mathematicians, financial analysts, sociologists and many more. 2) Mathematician – Mathematicians have a huge demand with the world becoming more and more data-driven. Everything…