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Oil is a valuable resource, no matter your industry, or the industrial process you deal with. Besides, it is an expensive commodity, the purchase of which costs industrialists millions of dollars every year. In such a situation, industrialists must prefer refining used oil and then use it for the appropriate applications. Re-refining used oil helps you save money, increase process efficiency, and at the same time, contribute to environment conservation. But then, the process of used oil refining also proves crucial in leveraging it to achieve all the said benefits. So, what is the process to re-refine used oil? Here’s the answer. Re-refining Used Oil in 5 Steps Oil is a resource that’s prone to the entry of impurities, and contaminants. These anti-oil elements deteriorate the quality of the oil, decrease its efficiency, and add to the maintenance cost of the equipment. Re-refining used oil helps you overcome these challenges…