trekking in Nepal


Cool streams, lush green valleys, tranquil lakes, thundering waterfalls, breathtaking mountains, and long walks in nature can make you feel high without any intoxicants. You will collect new experiences every time and fall in love a little more. Trekking is a perfect escape in the lap of nature from stressful daily life. You can embrace nature’s serenity and make good memories. Spending time with nature can be bliss for nature lovers, but we can’t sure to get good memories always. Especially, when you’re going for Manaslu circuit trekking or Langtang trekking tours, you need to be more careful and follow certain tips. Usually, being a beginner or expert we often underestimate situations and believe to be superheroes. We need to understand that trekking comes with do’s, don’ts, and unspoken rules which you must follow to ensure a memorable and exciting trekking trip. Check these out: Don’t hike alone It is…