Vegan Butter Industry Opportunity


Market Analysis Vegan butters are the spreads made from various plant-based sources such as vegetables and nuts. These spreads are highly nutritional with high good fat content and are used as a substitute to dairy butter by the surging vegan population. Vegan butters are witnessing an increasing shelf space in various retail stores across the globe due to the increasing consumption of vegan butter in both food retail and food service sector. Several hotels and restaurants are consuming plant-based butters to cater the rising demand for vegan menu. Get Free Sample Copy @ https://www.marketresearchfuture.com/sample_request/7353 butter is derived from cow’s milk. But,  vegan butter, commonly labeled as margarine are made from plant sources. They contain high fat content and similar nutritional value as to butter obtained from cow’s milk. This makes it popular among the vegan population. The growing number of vegan population due to shift in food consumption pattern is prompting…