5 ways millennials are getting rid of bed bug treatment

Today’s younger generation and basically the people reaching their young adulthood in the early 21st century are known as millennials. They are the quickest, the sharpest, the most tech-savvy, the most independent, the most confident, the most ambitious and most importantly, they aren’t afraid to question authority and age-old methods, practices and traditions.

Because of this strong sense of independence, millennials tend to stay away from hiring services they believe they can get done on their own. Take for example bed bug treatment. They would rather take matters in their own hands rather than calling for professional bed bugs control. That’s precisely the confidence and pride we spoke about the millennials possessing.

Today, we’ll go over some of the methods these youngsters are using against bed bugs, methods that can be practiced by individuals at home, rather than calling for bed bug pest control. While most of them actually work fine, remember that using DIY methods also depends on the level of infestation. You can’t expect to do bedbugs control by yourself if they’ve already taken over your sofas and mattresses and carpets.

Taking bed bugs control services in your own hands:

1) Steam baths

This is the most common method of bed bug control service at home. Millennials have learnt that taking your sheets and clothes and washing them at the highest temperature in your machine will kill bed bugs as they usually can’t handle such temperatures. Giving it sometime in the dryer at a hot temperature also increases efficiency of this method of bed bug treatment.

2) Freezing

Similarly, bed bugs cannot last at temperatures of 0 degrees and lower. You can place pillows, electric appliances or any other infested items in your freezer to get rid of bed bugs, but it would have to remain in there for 2-3 days at least. However, this isn’t a fool proof method of bed bugs control as there’s only a limited number of things you can place in your freezer. Plus, it’s time consuming.

3) Vacuuming

This is one of the best methods of home bed bug pest control. Use one of the attachments of your vacuum cleaner to reach tough spots like below furniture and between wall joints. Also, thoroughly vacuum mattress, sofas, carpets, cushions and pillows. Once done, empty the content from the vacuum bag away from your home as soon as possible.

4) Using bed bug spray

You can always purchase insecticides or aerosol sprays labelled for use for bedbugs control. Application needs to be top notch, ensuring you don’t miss any spots like bed and furniture, door and window frames, carpets, baseboards, wall hangings, and other suspected areas.

5) Hiring bed bugs control services

Millennials look for value for money, whether it means doing it themselves of whether it means hiring a professional bed bug pest control service. The latter has been the right choice in recent years, as bed bugs should better be handled by the experts who have more knowledge about them. Nowadays, companies offer warranties along with bed bug treatment so as to ensure their customers of results.

Not just millennials, but everyone should be proactive in getting rid of bed bugs as soon as they spot them. Bed bugs control should be priority, whether doing it yourself or whether calling for professional bed bug pest control. However, the latter is recommended and we also recommend you check that the brand you’re working with has the necessary licenses and certifications from the government of India, so there’s no worry about the quality of chemicals and services being provided to you!

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