Make Your Den Feel Cozier

5 Ways to Make Your Den Feel Cozier

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In the middle of the summer, we throw windows and doors open, pack away the throws and ramp up the air conditioning to keep air circulating and cool ourselves down. However, just a few weeks later, as fall arrives, temperatures drop, and the night comes earlier, we change tack completely. We want nothing more than to get back to our home and snuggle up in the den with our loved ones. That is, of course, if our den is somewhere that we feel cozy and safe. Here are five effective ways to make your den feel cozier as cold winter weather starts to creep in.

1. Keep the heat inside

Your first task is simple: keep the heat inside. You need to ensure that the heat stays where you want it, i.e., it does leak out into the outside world through the windows. Poorly fitted and single-glazed windows will often be draughty, so if you have the budget, it is worth investing in double or triple-glazed windows. This will keep the room warm and make it cheaper to heat. If you have floorboards, the heat might be escaping through the gaps, but you can reduce this by laying a thick rug down.

2. Choose deep colors

Just as light colors can give a room a fresh and airy feeling, deep, dark colors will make a room seem cozier and warmer. A dark color palette can look great on walls, but it is important to use contrasting colors in your furnishings and accessories to prevent the room from becoming too gloomy. If you are investing in a coffee table or side tables, choose a dark-colored wood that will complement the theme.

3. Light candles and/or a woodburning stove

With a dark palette and shorter days, lighting your den will be key. A bright overhead light will make the room feel colder and more clinical, so invest in a main light fitting which you can dim as needed. You should also bring in some table or floor lamps (with a soft glow) by your sofa for reading. The coziest rooms are those lit by candlelight or a woodburning stove, but if you have children or pets, you should never leave them unsupervised.

4. Bring in snuggly furniture, throws, and cushions

On a cold winter evening, you want to be able to snuggle up on a comfortable chair with a blanket and plenty of cushions. Use a variety of fabrics such as faux fur, chunky knits, and felt, as well as some silk or velvet for the ultimate in luxury. If your sofa is not as comfortable as you would like, consider investing in a Fombag bean bag chair or pillow which you can sink into.

5. Add shiny accessories

Placing mirrors in the room will reflect light, but you can also bring in other shiny accessories, which will act as highlights to break up the dark color scheme. Picture frames, tealights, and metallic ornaments, e.g., brass, copper, will add another level of warmth to the room. Metallics on the inside of lampshades can also help to make the light appear warmer.

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