7 must know facts for gifting your lady love.

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The dress she tried on the other day was expensive, though, she did say it fitted her well and the color suited her. There you go, in case you are lucky enough to get the accurate size just grab it and wrap it up for her to see the epic jaw dropping. The gifts that you get for her shows your understanding and how well you listen to everything she says. So, accordingly you can decide on the gift that you would get for her birthday, your anniversary or valentines or any other occasion that involves exchanging of gifts. A basic know how should help you to decide on what would be the most suitable one:

  1. Ask for a list: The easiest way you could gift is ask for what she would like to own and to keep the surprise alive decide on item from the list she has sorted. With years of togetherness you develop that kind of understanding that your partner can ask for what they really want as my friends do each year for my birthday. I feel it is a good way to make them happy and you can surprise them for the rest of the days with your doings. Stoles and sarees that has got her eyes can be a part of your gifting.
  2. Get her to bling: Show the commitment that you carry for her and gift her a jewelry piece you want her to put on. Earrings, necklace, bracelet are women’s first choice so you could get her to wear the pretty ones that you gift wrap.
  3. Give her something sensitive: Emotionally touching gifts always rule out the others because they have the heart and soul attached to it. So, go with the unique personalized gift that you want them to have as it has an edge. The frames, mugs and coasters that she would own will have your touch but again that depends on how much you have shared with her.
  4. Charm her with your idea of gifting experience: Go out of the way to gift the spas and cosmetics for her because usually guys keep their hands off these purchases. You would be her man if you know how she likes to spend the leisure time and also get her a lipstick color of your choice something different to add to your own experience too.
  5. Take the hint: Listen to her when she keeps it clear with all the likes and dislikes. If she had recently told you about a home decor item or candles that has got her eyes, be prepared to take notes on the corner she found it in.
  6. Ask her friends: The second most important time she spends after you is with her friends so, ring up her best friend and she would be happy to help (well most of the times). As friends are the people she shares the details of everything she does so this could be a nice way you can get in touch with her preferences.
  7. Go by her hobbies and interest: If she likes to funk up her looks give her the funky gifts that we have on the rack. For a good cocktail provider we have cocktail shakers and other bar accessories to add to her hobbies and interest. Gifts for nature lover girlfriend would be a ravishing garden decor for sitting in her lawns and balcony.

Well, good luck with getting her the most catchy gift this season, I guess we have done our part for you men to give the right box as long as you remember the date right. You could choose the Valentine’s Day gifts to double the love to take chance with the items you get while sparing her birthday to experiment with your gifting idea.  Bottom line is gift her or not wish her well on the correct date.

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