A Brief Outline About Certificate Translation Services

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Certificates pose a problem during translation. First, for a certificate to be recognized it should be written (translated) in any of the official languages of the country. To give an example, a Divorce certificate translation services has to be done in English to be recognized by the USCIS (during visa processing). Secondly, certificates (and translation of those certificates) should be accurate to a tee – if it isn’t it fails the purpose of what certificate and what translations aim to be. As such let us tell you, a certified translation is what you want to get for all your certificate translations – a certified translation is accurate, and is useful during official procedures – like visa and citizenship processing, and legal proceedings.

So, what is a certified certificate translation?

A certified certificate translation is one that has certificate of accuracy included with the translation documents. This certificate of accuracy provides a guarantee from the side of the translators that the included translation is an accurate representation of the original. This ensures you get the best and the most accurate translation all the while not having to worry about mandates set by the USCIS – killing two birds with a single stone.

What certificate might require translations?

  1. Birth certificate, death certificate
  2.     Marriage certificate, divorce certificate
  3.   Academic certificates, diploma certificate, training certificates
  4.   Medical certificates
  5.   Insurance certificates
  6.   Certificate of residency and certificates of any kind

Now, hearing all the above might get you puzzled but fear not, with the help of online translation services all your qualms will disappear here’s how:

  1.     Quality – Translation of certificates is a manual translation. As such, translations are well formatted (according to original), accurately done, and above all in touch with the original. This along with quality checks guarantees what you get is close to perfect.
  2.     Certificate of accuracy – As mentioned previously certificates usually have to include certificate of accuracy. Degree translation services are here to help you in this regard as well. Members of American Translators Association (ATA) provide a stamp-seal to your certificates of accuracy before having it delivered to you. ATA is the industry standard when it comes to accurate translations.
  3.       Ease – Ease of use is a guarantee provided exclusively with online certificate translations. The number of language translations available through online translation put the traditional method of translation to shame! Besides, all you have to do is upload a digital copy of a document that you want to get translated. Certificate translations at a click of a button. No fuss over re-editing, or shipping, or travel.
  4.     Costs and deadlines: While being true that online translation services costs you but the services it provides are going to save you a lot of money in the long run (when compared to your run of the mill traditional translators). Also, turnover rates would be an issue – but it’s not with online translations. Professional(s) ensure that your documents are translated quickly (with accuracy always being the prime concern). They ensure that your deadlines are met.

So, whether it is marriage certificate translation services or passport translation it is better to seek professional assistance to get quality and precise results.

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