A guide to how and why to wear yellow sapphire gemstone

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According to Indian astrology, the planet of jupiter or guru is supposed to have the greatest powers and is associated with the divine blessings the yellow sapphire gemstones is one of the most powerful and influential gemstones as it is blessed to support the planet Jupiter.

Yellow sapphire is a magical and mystical gemstone which helps to bring amazing and significant changes in an individuals life. People who have their Jupiter place at a weak place in their horoscope and people who want to please the Guru planet for its divine blessings need to buy yellow sapphire.


Pukhraj or the yellow sapphire gemstones should be worn by performing proper rituals. This helps the where to get maximum benefits in life. The planet Guru is one of the most important and significant planets according to Indian astrology. It also holds the position of being an educator.

The planet Jupiter is a very beneficial planet according to vedic astrology. It helps to bring wealth, wisdom, marital bliss. All in all, the planet is responsible to bring happiness and prosperity in life. A person who has Jupiter placed in a week zone according to the horoscope should wear yellow sapphire this will help him attain power and positive energies of the planet.

Before wearing the gemstone it is always advisable to take proper consultation from an expert or astrologer. You may fall into more problems rather than getting benefits of the gemstone if it is not worn with consultation and proper way. The astrologer advisors the proper way a day and weight of the yellow sapphire one needs to wear. You can buy yellow sapphire accordingly. You can buy yellow sapphire online or from a shop as convenient for you.

How to wear the yellow sapphire

It is very important to know the right weight before you buy yellow sapphire which would be e suitable according to your age. It is always advisable to wear yellow sapphire gemstones of 5 to 7 Ratti if a person is above the age of 23. Yellow sapphire if bone less than 3 to 5 Ratti of weight would not work and give you the desired results.

Once you buy the yellow sapphire it should be embodied as a gold ring. Yellow sapphire works the best with gold around it.

This gemstone should be worn on thursday which falls on the Shukla paksha

It should be worn in the index finger of the right hand.

Guided procedure to wear yellow sapphire

The yellow sapphire gemstones should be worn in the morning between 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

While wearing it chant the Guru planet Mantra.

Special care should be taken that the gemstone is in direct contact with the skin. If not so, wearing the stone would be useless.

It would add on to the benefits if you buy yellow sapphire on a Thursday.

Check-in with an astrologer with the best nakshatra when you buy the yellow sapphire.

Face the north east and sit on a yellow cloth before wearing the yellow sapphire.

To remove all the negative energies from the gemstone it would be the best if does pukhraj is kept immersed in a mixture of honey curd sugar ghee and milk overnight.

Wash the gemstone with ganga water in the morning chanting “Om gum gurave Namaha” 108 times help to give best results.

Astrological benefits of the yellow sapphire gemstones

The gemstone represents the planet of guru or the educator wearing this stone helps you to attain higher studies and make a good career in the profession of academics and education.

If a person is suffering from stomach related problems like weak digestive system jaundice and other related digestive problems wearing a yellow sapphire helps and benefits to your health problems.

The pukhraj stone helps people to attain higher self-consciousness spirituality inner and mental peace.

People who want to pursue a career in legal and advisory, wearing the gemstone stands beneficial.

You can from a shop or buy yellow sapphire online. It should be done with great cautiousness, with consultation and under the proper guidance of an expert for best effective and desired results.