A Quick Explanation About Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets

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Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets

According to the professionals, one of the most common gaskets used in endless industrial plants are flexitallic spiral wound gaskets. This is because it is a gasket that is able to withstand high pressure and temperature. In addition to this, these gaskets also have the ability to prevent unwanted leakages for a longer period of time.

Talking about the elements, a flexitallic spiral wound gasket consists of three different elements. Below listed are them.

  • Outer ring: Also known as the guide ring or centering ring, this element is made by the professionals who use carbon steel for the designing purpose. The motive of the outer ring is to center the gasket when it is inserted in a bolted flange joint.
  • Inner ring: Because the inner ring has the ability to prevent windings from buckling inside the pipe itself, it is considered to be a pivotal part of the gasket. A number of pipe parts get stuck if the gasket is buckled in no time. What happens is the pieces of the gasket will flow through the pipeline. The same will happen until and unless the pieces are caught into something.
  • Sealing element: You know the seal in the gasket that has the ability to prevent leakages? This is the role played by a sealing element. The sealing element is connected with both the filler material and windings. 

Why are spiral wound gaskets in use?

A spiral wound gasket has been used by the experts since 1912. Nevertheless, research has said that they were not used in industrial piping until 90s.

It was on July 12, 1989, a final rule banning was issued by the experts at EPA. they banned items that consisted of asbestos, and this is where gaskets come into being. Previously, gaskets were used in applications that were kept under low temperatures. The reason behind the same is because the gaskets were at zero risk under those conditions.

In the 1990s, the experts working in the petrochemical industry were in search of a gasket that worked similar wonders like asbestos. This was when a spiral wound gasket gained immense popularity worldwide. These gaskets allowed the use of materials because they had the capability to handle all the prerequisites of gas and oil industries

At present, flexitallic spiral wound gaskets have gained a lot of popularity and are now used in various industries. Browse through the internet to know more about flexitallic spiral wound gaskets and other options.

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