Anchoring Tips for a Great Show

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The biggest part of the program is the anchor because a grateful heart is the beginning of greatness, an expression of humility. The best anchor in Pune is a foundation for the development of the qualities of prayer, faith, patience, contentment, happiness, love and well-being.

High energy

You want to get the audience’s energy as high as possible it is the main motive of the best anchor for events. An anchor can be produced either externally or internally. high energy helps the anchor  to control the audience an at the same time he can control the event as well in an effectively.

Get in the crowd

Either  “Where did you come from?”,  “What do you do for work”? Ask standard questions like this or try to bring up more interesting questions (in advance).  Try to  joke about their answers or joke that their answers are boring. Don’t be afraid if you lose some of your improvisational humor efforts. The response can increase or strengthen your positive and negative mood. If possible get a laughing moment and a critical moment. This will balance the emotional aspect of the show.

An anchor can be anything that brings up a thought or feeling and reminds you of something you have previously experienced. It will usually reproduce the exact emotion or feeling you experienced at the time. You use a certain stimulus to create an association that will bring about a particular response.

Get the audience to clap again with something like “Clap it up for yourself” or “Who’s happy it’s a Friday night?” Unless you get an amazing response, say “You can do better, let’s try that again.” It  Communicates to the audience that you’re in total control.

Human Touch

Most important, the emcee has to be a person. You can’t talk to people, you have to talk to them. (This applies to regular stand up spots as well, but especially if you’re the host.) If you don’t get many laughs as a host, but your energy is positive and you’re smiling the whole time, the audience is relaxed and engaged and the first comedian does well, you did your job.

Don’t crack in same jock again and again many people will get bored and  hate you. Diligently encourage artists to engage with the audience from beginning to end.

Anchor for event or in as many shows as possible Tries small at first if you hesitate that you have no skills needed at the moment and it will help you learn practically to become good at anchoring shows.

While anchoring, cover the stage. Keep moving around the stage, let the eyes follow you. Speak well all the time. As you are creating exposure of you to the world through your anchoring. Always speak good and kind words along with what is necessary.

Ways to end

The journey is never-ending. There’s always goanna be growth, improvement, adversity you just got to take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.

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