Adding Barbeque To Your Atlanta Catering Services

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Summary: Barbeque catering can boost your catering business. Learn why you must add BBQ to your catering service and how to get started.

Do you run a catering service in Atlanta and want to make it more versatile? Adding BBQ catering to your menu can help you get more customers as a classic American barbeque remains a popular choice for all kinds of occasions. According to surveys, all top ten restaurants in the United States have a barbeque as one of their specialty, while BBQ catering is one of the fastest-growing trends in a wedding reception in the US.

Getting started with barbeque catering 

Now, if you are planning to include BBQ to your menu, there is a need for a business plan. Other than the common monetary, licensing, and marketing requirements, BBQ catering Atlanta also depends on the type of event, food choices, and special equipment. As barbeques are getting very popular to celebrate anniversaries, picnics, employee recognition, birthdays, holidays, and other business events, the requirements are changing.

But we recommend you to start small. First, try to cater to doable events. Remember BBQ means you will be cooking and serving outdoors that comes with a new set of challenges. Other than the location and size of the event, you have to pay attention to the facilities like water & electricity, location for setting up grills and coolers, etc.

Barbeque Equipment

BBQ catering cannot get started without the right equipment in place. It all starts with a grill. That being said, BBQ grills come in all sizes and designs, from inexpensive wooden and charcoal cookers to premium limo gas models. Depending on your cooking style and the outdoor cooking needs, you need to invest in a grill wisely. For beginners we recommend, natural gas BBQ grills as they clean, convenient and value for money grills.

Grills are available in a multitude of designs-grills with side burners, griddles, smoker boxes, prep areas, rotisseries, and many more. While all these features are not a necessity, you might want to consider them depending on your cooking style. Other than the grill, to start a successful BBQ catering business, you will also need:

  • Basting brushes
  • Coolers or refrigeration units
  • Cook mitts
  • Meat thermometers
  • Long-handled utensils
  • Saucepans
  • Aprons and hats
  • Barbeque baskets
  • Grill Cleaning products

Another way to make your BBQ catering a lot more fun is to add more options for the food. There is an incredible amount of books and online on barbeque recipes, check them out.

Barbeque Styles

Interestingly, all over the United States, barbeque fun has taken its local style. Today, there are several barbeque styles that you can include in your BBQ catering Atlanta business. These styles differ in kind of meat, cooking method, but most importantly the kind of barbeque sauce they use. Some of the styles have been around for generations, with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

For your catering business, you might want to master one of these BBQ styles:

  • Carolina Barbeque—Pork + Carolina Gold sauce
  • Kansas City- Dry meat + Table sauce
  • Memphis Barbeque- Pulled pork and ribs + Peppery tomato sauce
  • Texas Barbecue-State beef, ribs + Rich tomato sauce
  • Hawaiian Barbeque-Pork, fish, and/or chicken + Sweet teriyaki sauce

As a caterer, you need to pick a bbq style, to begin with, and once the business takes off, start adding selections for a more robust menu.

Resource Box: BBQ Catering is growing fast in demand for all kinds of events. Consider adding BBQ catering Atlanta to your services for more customers and business growth.

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