Decoration Idea for Baby Shower

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The baby is on the way, its a very special time for a family who is waiting for someone to come & make them happier. Lots of blessings & toys are always waiting for the baby to come in the world of happiness. In this event, there are many aspects that make it a special event such as guests, blessing, toys however the main aspect is decoration. Let’s have a look into some of the best baby shower decoration ideas
Planning a baby shower is easy when you split the event into simple elements. You must decide on a date before any actual shower planning can begin. As with other parties, it is important for a baby shower to be carefully planned and memorable for everyone. You can get the help of an event planner.
Balloon Decoration
The balloon will take your decoration idea towards more perfection. The balloon is a lover by everyone irrespective of age. The kids will get the best time with balloons & elders can’t stop playing with balloons. Whenever you plan to decorate the baby shower event don’t forget to include balloons. Dohale Jevan or Baby shower decoration by balloon is enough to keep every guest happy during the whole event.

Diaper Decoration

Diaper decoration for Godh Bharai is the new trend which is getting popular day by day. Diaper decoration is the best sign that someone is coming to add happiness in life. This decoration is very simple we have to roll the diapers & place on each corner of the hall or wherever you conducting the function.

Baby Bottle Decoration

The baby bottle we can use a sign of food as the bottle represents milk or food for the baby. We can put flowers on the bottle & can make the baby photos on the bottles to look more attractive. The baby bottle looks as cute as a baby as a bottle represents the baby as a whole.

Baby Christmas Tree Decoration

Everything which represents a baby in the event can be used as decoration such as baby Christmas tree, baby Christmas can be decorated in such a way that they look as lovely as newborns. If the dohale jevan function is taking place during Christmas time then the baby Christmas tree the decoration is the best thing to do.

Flower Decoration

This is the best decoration for every event we can do especially for the Godh Bharai, as a newborn is as fresh and as soothing as flowers. Flowers can put a smile at your face anytime the same as a baby can make you smile anytime.

Baby shower theme

Baby shower theme is a great idea to create a real baby environment by combining baby shower invitations, baby shower choices, baby shower decoration, and baby shower games. Below are some favorite baby shower themes. You should always keep in mind that the baby shower theme will suit the most important guest [pregnant mother].
Once the baby shower theme is determined, we can use it to customize theme shower invitations, baby shower decoration, baby shower games, baby shower cakes, and baby shower. With the help of an event planner, you can make your event even more fun.


Godh Bharai is a very important event in the life of would-be mother & family members & no doubt for baby as well. Decoration plays an important role in the success of the event as decoration is the first thing that the guest will watch once they to the event. So choose the best decoration theme for dohale jevan & makes everyone.

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