Best Chef In Turkey

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Best Chef In Turkey

Ismetsaz is the best chef restaurant in Turkey for the cooking course. We help everyone to learn all the cooking course and dishes for breakfast or wedding invitation.

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Our companies, the ones we built with our own hands, are as in need of care as much as a baby would need. The more we give care with the correct strategy then the more efficient your company will grow. From beginning to end, the most important thing is to make slow but steady and accurate analysis for the best possible growth. Years of experience should be reflected in a professional approach to achieve growth. In order to shed light as a consultant, I am at your side with all the needs and solutions such as good analysis, correct diagnosis, personal training, friendly service, eliminating end of month syndrome, reducing costs and setting standards.
We offer what you need for your small or large organizations taking the present and seasonal changes in consideration. Whether it’s a 10-person breakfast or a wedding invitation for 1,000 people, my team and I are ready to please you.

Organizing a good organization starts with a good understanding of the needs of the person. Therefore, in order to listen to your wishes and be able to improve, we take the first step to work together by meeting you face to face. We offer solutions and suggestions for your needs with a professional approach. When the expected day comes, we will be happy to see satisfaction as a result of the successful cooperation.
İsmet Saz finished primary and middle school in İstanbul. After he graduated TUREM, he stepped in tourism industry at young age. His experience at this area set the floor for him to express his creativity freely. After graduating successfully Yeditepe University Fine Arts Faculty Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Program, he started working in Four Seasons Hotel. Later İsmet Saz succeed at gastronomy world in short time, he met famous chef Carlo Bernardini, and worked together at Decanter Wine Bar at Nişantaşı, Later they also worked together at the opening of Circus Restaurant, Nişantaşı. With the experiences İsmet Saz gained while he worked as Ulus 29, Panini Restaurants, Kemer Country & Golf Club; he decided widen his vision so started his U.S.A. adventure.
He got Bakery training at Dean & Deluca Commissery and Tom & Cat. İsmet Saz later worked at Marriot Providence RI, Aperatif Group NYC, moreover while he was working at Sous Chef position at 2 Michelin Starred Gordon Ramsay at London NYC; he was consulting Halikarnas Brooklyn, Turks & Frogs Group NYC, Savann NYC Restaurants as well. İsmet Saz returned from New York his hometown as Head Chef to open Dean & Deluca, he also worked as Chef de Cuisine af Alaçatı Alavya Hotel and Fogo Restaurant. Whilst he was working as a chef, his consulting services gained him a better understanding of the service business and returned with unique and valuable experience. Reinforcing his success with TV programs, Chef İsmet Saz also started to being known with his catering and cooking classes.
Starting with Carlo Bernardini, he had chance to broad his vision with important names as Daniel Ng, Elena Mattei, David Shipman; also in the States Julio Velazquez, Franco Paterno, Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Glocker and Gareth Evans… Later he worked at G2M Distribution and Marketig Company as Channel Marketing Chief and Corporate Executive Chef positions, he gathered years of experience and knowledge and founded TOİ Restaurant & Lounge at 2015.

TOİ Restaurant & Lounge opens its doors for you at İstanbul’s exclusive spot at Kuruçeşme for a refined Mediterranean inspired menu made with local ingredients, rich winery and first class service for an enjoyable dinner. İsmet Saz also opened a new restaurant at Kanyon Shopping Mall, The Steeve by İsmet Saz, serving Spanish – Turkish fusions for more casual yet first class dining experience for a quick gateaway from city’s chaos

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